NEW DELHI: Content marketing offers brands the chance to humanise themselves and make themselves relevant to Indian consumers on a personal level, according to a senior agency executive.

Speaking at the India Affiliate Summit 2017 in New Delhi, Rubeena Singh, CEO of iProspect in India, said that people value and trust branded content if it’s done in a way that is relevant to their needs. (For more details, read WARC’s report: How to create content for India’s changing times.)

She cited a McMurry/TMG study which revealed that 90% of consumers find custom content useful, 69% of consumers trust branded content, and 68% of consumers spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in.“No wonder marketers are lapping up content marketing very quickly and increasing their spends as well. It’s estimated to have grown a huge 30% over last year,” Singh said.

She advised that effective content marketing begins by first understanding the consumer journey – essential since “content plays a role at each step of the consumer journey”.

“What we tell our partners is that you need to move away from simply creating content to creating 10x content. 10x content involves the quality of content that you are creating, the information and data that you are providing, it has to be reliable information,” she said.

Singh also believes that with the availability of infrastructure and data, the focus needs to be on the language sector in coming years – local language is the future of the medium in India.

“There are a lot more people online who speak regional languages but there’s very little content. This is a huge opportunity for advertisers to start creating content in different languages,” she stated, noting that voice search is another important opportunity in India.

“Especially in India where we have so many languages, people find it easy to adopt voice search. In a nutshell, our job really is to convince people. And I truly believe intelligent content can do that in a very effective manner.”

Sourced from WARC