NEW DEHLI: Innovation and a focus on the practicalities of oral health care have helped Colgate retain its position as India’s most trusted brand for the seventh year in a row.

The rankings were compiled by Brand Equity using a combination of sales, social buzz and media visibility data to produce a list of brands to take forward to a consumer survey; a total of 342 brands were considered by 6,059 respondents in 12 cities.

Brands in the personal care category took the first four places, with Colgate being followed by Lux, Lifebuoy and Dettol.

Telecos and mobile businesses took three of the top ten spots, with Samsung in fifth, Airtel in sixth and Vodafone in ninth.

Food and beverage brands took the remaining three top ten places: Parle leapt from 52nd in 2016 to seventh, Britannia rose from 24th to eighth, and Frooti from 23rd to tenth.

Issam Bachaalani, managing director, Colgate-Palmolive India, outlined some of the innovations that he felt had contributed to Colgate’s trust ranking, including Swarna Vedshakti, a premium-priced herbal toothpaste produced in response to the surge in interest in this sector created by Patanjali.

The new Neo toothbrush, meanwhile, boasts more than 3,000 bristles. “When you brush with it, it’s like taking your car to the car wash,” Bachaalani said. “The mouthfeel is phenomenal.”

Beyond product, Colgate has sought to address the poor dental care on offer in rural areas; people with dental problems in Uttar Pradesh, for example, can call a helpline number for reliable advice rather than having to rely on unlicensed dentists.

And its annual scholarship programme has been extended while customers are also able to access an educational module from learning app Byju.

There are a couple of areas where Colgate has not totally captured the trust of consumers, however. Unmarried respondents trusted Coca-Cola more than Colgate, while those in the North of the country put Frooti ahead. In the West Colgate ranked fifth, behind Dettol, Lux, Rin and Lifebuoy.

Sourced from Economic Times; additional content by WARC staff