China’s Tier-1 culture is stretching out through key influencers and popular apps to lure the Tier-4 consumer into a new set of behaviours – but brands wanting to reach them will have to balance modern aspirations and traditional practices.

What’s happening?

  • Rapid technological developments in China are designed for Tier-1 city consumers, but anyone in lower tier cities can see and access exactly the same content on platforms and apps.
  • A slower pace and higher quality of life in lower tier cities doesn’t negate consumer demand for premium products and brand experiences.
  • Values don’t change fast, and while people might be able to buy new products, they don’t aspire to be like the residents of Shanghai or Beijing.


If Tier 1 cities are full of online influencers and people getting rich quickly, there is a subtler story coming out from the lower-tier cities where consumers value their greater sense of safety and belonging and are content with everyday luxuries. 

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Sourced from WARC