NEW YORK: BuzzFeed News, the media company popular with millennials, has teamed up with Twitter to launch a new, live-streamed, weekday morning show.

Called “AM to DM”, the new show will debut on September 25 and is reported to have already signed up Wendy’s, the fast food restaurant chain, as a sponsor with Bank of America and Toyota also named as initial sponsors.

According to a statement BuzzFeed released at the end of last week, AM to DM “reimagines the traditional morning television show for the way people consume news today: on Twitter”.

Although it will follow a traditional morning show format with news reports coming in from around the world, it is being billed as taking a unique approach because stories will be complemented with what people are saying live on Twitter as the broadcast takes place.

“The conversation will focus on what people are saying on Twitter in real time – not from yesterday or hours before – and will even involve surprise guests who have broken news in the same hour that they appear on the show,” the statement read.

In addition to these “everyday Twitter heroes”, the show will feature the usual line-up of reporters, editors and special guests discussing the latest news and trends.

BuzzFeed Books editor Isaac Fitzgerald will co-host the show alongside Saeed Jones, Executive Editor of Culture at BuzzFeed News, and the show also will have its own dedicated staff, including an executive producer and talent booker.

“Twitter is the beating heart of news and our newsroom has always embraced its power unabashedly, both for breaking news and for staying on top of it,” said Ben Smith, Buzzfeed Editor in Chief.

“The exciting thing about this show is that while much of television news now is basically explaining to you what happened a few hours ago on Twitter, we get to come to an informed and up-to-date audience from right inside the news cycle.”

BuzzFeed added that the live stream will be free and made accessible globally to logged-in and logged-out users on Twitter and connected devices.

“We are excited to collaborate with BuzzFeed to bring their fresh approach to a live morning show broadcast alongside the real time conversation on Twitter,” said Anthony Noto, COO at Twitter. “AM to DM will be timely, insightful and of course funny for viewers around the world on Twitter.”

Data sourced from BuzzFeed, Twitter; additional content by WARC staff