As an economy with a majority of service businesses, the UK’s industry – not least advertising – must contemplate how data will flow from the EU to the UK after Brexit. It is by no means a done deal.

One of the biggest problems for service industries is the topic of data adequacy.

Effectively, this is the high standard of data protection of personal data that the European Union demands of third countries – those outside of the Union – with which it shares data. Though the UK prepared for and is currently compliant with the GDPR, data adequacy is not a done deal for the UK, according to a new WARC report. (Read the full article: What does ‘Leave’ mean for advertising?)

Though the UK has made a commitment that data will flow to the European Union/European Economic Area, the flow of data to the UK will stop without an adequacy decision.

The problem is that such a decision cannot be made until the UK has left the Union and become a ‘third country’. Though it is an important agreement for both parties, a swift decision is the EU’s to give.

However, businesses can find a set of safeguards in the shape of Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has created a tool for small and medium sized businesses to download the clauses they need.

For larger companies, specifically multinationals, there is the option of Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), which the ICO has produced a guide for here.

These, as pertaining to data, are codes of conduct that can be certified by the EU’s data protection board, and thereby saving companies the time and regulatory headache of having to seek approval from individual countries’ data protection chiefs.

Sourced from WARC, Information Commissioners Office