Up to a quarter of online shoppers in KSA and UAE are new to the experience and started as a result of the pandemic. A new WARC report details the implications. 

WARC has partnered with Choueiri Group to place e-commerce in these markets in context through analysis of proprietary research among 1,490 consumers in KSA and 1,230 consumers in UAE.


  • For key categories there is a need to accelerate e-commerce options. The need to fulfil increased demand and prioritise smooth, local supply chains is even greater. 
  • New online shoppers are more likely to be female and they are driving a higher share of purchase in fashion, beauty, luxury and pharma.
  • Brands need to plan for digital (as well as mental and physical) availability, with a focus on consistency of brand presence across touchpoints.

Final thought

New behaviours are being established and it is vital to understand needs through the online transition in order to stay relevant. Brands shifting into e-commerce should review the fundamentals of product, packaging and price points. 

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Sourced from WARC