Marketers and media need to earn the trust of Black women because, compared to women of other races/ethnicities, they are the least likely to consider that initiatives from brands and media will play a key role in advancing women’s equality, a study suggests. 

Perceptions of progress: The state of women’s equality in the US, from Dentsu and SeeHer, focuses on Black, Hispanic and Latinx women.

  • While close to half of them feel “very hopeful” about the current state of gender equality, they are less confident that true equality will happen in their lifetimes.

  • Black women are the least satisfied with media representation, with only 18% feeling the media accurately portray women “all of the time”’ compared to 31% of Hispanic and Latinx women and 25% of white women. 
  • Six out of ten Hispanic and Latinx women feel a lack of female role models is a key barrier; half want brands to step into the gap, including donating to organizations dedicated to female advancement.

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Sourced from Dentsu, SeeHer