SYDNEY: Brands including Samsung and Westpac agree television remains influential and are looking to get the most out of television spend as the Australian media market evolves.

Television is worthy of confidence from brands, according to Toby Dewar, Head of Media at Westpac Group.

“The power is clear and the confidence that we should have in the medium is clear. If we get behind that, we don’t really have to worry about the challenges that will come our way,” Dewar said at the Future TV Advertising Forum in Sydney. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: How brands in Australia are approaching TV’s changing role in media)

“The secret’s out because the other big three banks use TV and at the moment, incredibly so. The challenge that we have is how TV continues to really drive business and work harder going forward,” he said.

Likewise, Beau Curtis, Head of Media & Partnerships at Samsung Electronics, agrees there is power in the medium.

“There’s no question that as far as reach goes, there are some demographics that perform particularly strongly still with linear TV. It’s about finding those opportunities and understanding how we can use the platform to drive brand growth,” he said at the same forum.

“We’re reframing the way we think about TV at Samsung in terms of worrying less about reach. It’s still important, but what does it look like from an impact perspective? How are we creating more impact with the TV, with the demographic, with the audience that is there?”

With TV media buying becoming more complex – including the rise of addressable – campaigns are put together within a few weeks and often include late breaking changes. Dewar hopes the industry can find a way to simplify the process for all involved.

“The complexity of being in marketing is difficult, but if we face this conversation in terms of what we’re trying to fix for TV and look at things differently in terms of what’s measured, what’s realistic and the pressures teams are under, that also needs to be fixed,” he said.

Sourced from WARC