The man President Trump depicts as ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden has suddenly got a lot more active on Facebook, as new figures show his spending there rose fivefold in the last week of May.

According to Axios, quoting data supplied by Advertising Analytics, since mid-March, the Trump campaign has outspent the Biden campaign on digital $20.3 million to $13.4 million.

The only time Biden spent more was in early April when Bernie Sanders pulled out of the race and he then became the presumptive Democratic nominee. It was only four days ago that he officially secured the nomination.

Through most of April and May, Senator Biden’s digital ad spending was tracking at under $1 million per week, well below the Trump campaign’s typical spend.

But in that final week of May, Biden’s spending leapt to $4.9 million – most of that on Facebook – in what Axios says is “an attempt to capitalize on Trump’s response to nationwide protests about police violence”.

Axios also cites a Biden campaign official, who says the campaign has spent $1 million on Google since June 1st and $5.5 million on Facebook.

The spending seems to be having the desired effect as the official reported it’s helped to drive 1.2 million new sign-ups on the campaign’s email list.

Sourced from Axios