Now is the right time for marketing teams, brands and businesses – both large and small – to reap the benefits that can be gained by re-thinking the ‘crisis footing’ response, according to Dan Masquelier, Partner/MD at Cormis.

Why it matters

Finding a crisis-ready but sustainable workflow system has become an imperative for marketing teams during COVID-19, with team burnout now commonplace as the pandemic continues to rage 12 months in.

Three ways to take back control

  1. Structure to enable flexibility: An agile culture enables companies not only to be more responsive but also to take the considered risks that innovation and invention require. Companies that fare best build flexibility into their plans, systems and processes.
  2. Keep your eye on the big picture and long-term goals, as well as short-term ‘fire-fighting’.
  3. Ensure a ‘growth mindset’: The next step at an organisational level is for a company to offer the tools and systems that enable its workforce to put its combined, growth mindset to effective use.

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