SYDNEY: Four in ten senior marketers in Australia and New Zealand feel they aren’t getting enough support at board level, according to a survey which argues they need to do a better job internally of selling their role in engaging consumers.

Marketo, the martech business, commissioned a survey of 200 senior marketers of large businesses across Australia and New Zealand for its Marketing Decision Makers Report. This found that for most (55%), the biggest challenge they faced was driving business growth, ahead of building their brand, cited by 30%.

Accordingly, the primary focus for a similar proportion (53%) was engaging with customers to drive revenue, CMO reported.

But 40% of respondents revealed that they felt their CEOs weren’t listening to them and that that they didn’t understand the nuances of marketing.

One particular issue is the technology that the discipline now relies on: 35% of marketers said they don’t have the technology they need to drive customer engagement and insights, and 75% wanted better technology than they currently have.

“When the priorities of marketers and CEOs are different, marketing departments will continue to struggle to get the budget, technology, and tools they need,” observed Chris Connell, Marketo’s senior marketing director.

But with the proliferation of tools, it can be difficult to be sure they have the right ones. A recent WARC report, Martech: 2018 and Beyond, found that marketers in the US and UK were spending heavily on marketing technology but half felt they still didn’t have all the tools they needed.

The same study reported that in-house spending is focused on email marketing and social media, with 85% of brands currently using a tool for email and 75% for social.

Marketo’s research revealed that many ANZ marketers also remain focused on email and single-channel marketing – a quarter of B2C marketers and a third of B2B marketers would find it “devastating” if email was no longer available.

Connell welcomed a shift from ‘disruption-based’ marketing to meaningful customer engagement, but argued that ANZ marketers “haven’t yet explained to their internal stakeholders why this is important.

“It’s positive to see engagement as such an overwhelming priority for marketers, but the next step is to get C-suite buy in,” he said.

Sourced from CMO Council; additional content by WARC staff