MELBOURNE:  94% of Australian kids feel happy – a full 9% higher than the global average –according to new research by Nickelodeon.

Viacom International, which owns children’s TV channel Nickelodeon, surveyed 1000 Australians aged between six and 11 years old as part of a global survey pool of 6000 children from 30 countries. The research also included in-depth video ethnographies from 11 countries. 

Young Australians are also more likely to consider themselves independent than their peers elsewhere, with 82% identifying as independent compared to 76% on average across other markets surveyed.  Despite their general happiness, figures indicate that they are less confident (77% in Australia vs. 86% globally), optimistic (75% vs. 86% globally) or positive (80%  vs. 85% globally) about life than their global peers.

Australian kids consider watching TV and playing games on a smartphone or tablet to be among their favourite ways to relax and are also prolific multi-screeners. The creativity of Australian kids is often driven by what type of content they consume: 83% of those surveyed used their free time learn about sports, new languages or how to make slime. Perhaps as a result of their appetite for new content, almost 70%  of 6-11 year old Australians use more than one device at a time, and consume content on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Australian kids are globally minded and more tuned into world affairs than many adults may expect for their young age. They believe in their ability to make a difference in the world. The research noted that bringing happiness to the world (58%) was the top challenge kids in Australia wanted to tackle, followed by ending wars around the world (56%) and finding a cure for cancer in third (52%). 

Across all markets surveyed, ‘ending wars around the world’ is the top problem that kids want to solve at 61%, followed by ‘ending world hunger’ at 58%.

Sourced from B&T; additional content by WARC staff