A longstanding concern for advertising, but attention really stole the conversation on WARC over the course of 2022, as writers considered its effect on reach, creative effectiveness, and across sectors and categories.

This emerged in as a tension between the need for always-on reach and a balance with attention-adjusted reach. At Cannes, WARC foregrounded the conversation in its opening session at the festival.

It comes down to the idea that we are living in an increasingly low-attention world spurred by media fragmentation and endorsed by emerging research on the topic.

The topic developed in fascinating new ways. New research explored the impact of attention on creative effectiveness, while at a broader level the Ehrenberg-Bass institute’s Jenni Romaniuk unpacked the impact of category entry points that can help brands jump to buyers mind when they turn their attention to the category, especially in the fast-developing B2B sector.

We are now covering the topic regularly, with Amplified Intelligence’s Prof. Karen Nelson-Field joining WARC as a columnist, sharing fresh research and insights with readers.

On the podcast, Faris Yakob, also a regular contributor, hosted a three part series on human attention and advertising, interviewing experts and practitioners.