BEIJING: With the summer holiday season well underway, a new survey has revealed that Asian travellers are leading the way in terms of the number of family trips taken each year.

According to Agoda, a global online travel agency, Asia dominates this multi-holiday trend with holidaymakers from the region taking an average of five family trips a year while their Western counterparts take just two.

Agoda said that a “remarkable” 77% of travellers from Thailand and 62% from the Philippines claim to have taken five or more family breaks in the past year, compared to just 7% of British holidaymakers, who are also the most likely (34%) to take only one.

These and many other findings are contained in Agoda’s Family Travel Trends 2018 study, which is based on responses from 10,784 consumers across ten markets – Australia, the UK and US, which are defined as Western, as well as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The report breaks down each market across a number of topics, such as whether respondents travel with their core or extended family, how many nights away they tend to take, what they most look forward to as well as their top concerns.

Taking China as an example, the survey found that Chinese travellers went on three family trips in past year, with 69% travelling with their core family, staying from one to three nights away.

Indonesian and Vietnamese travellers also opt for one to three nights away, while four to seven nights is the usual pattern in Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Thai holidaymakers, 86% of whom travelled with their core family in the past year, are a notable exception in that they are said to prefer spending more than 14 nights away during their family trip.

Not surprisingly, the top concerns for travellers include falling sick, the standard of accommodation and disagreements with their family, but roughly a quarter of British and American travellers stand out for claiming that they don’t have any concerns.

The British – along with Singaporeans – are also described as being the most adventurous on family trips, but Chinese and Thai travellers are said to be the least likely to explore new cultures during their break.

Sourced from Agoda; additional content by WARC staff