NEW YORK: The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is launching a center of excellence intended to help marketers enhance their understanding of analytics and data.

Developed in partnership with Neustar, the information services provider, the ANA Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) will mix thought leadership, educational resources and networking opportunities with a range of white papers and research.

The overall objective of this initiative is to assist brand custodians in building their understanding of data, as well as aiding more experienced executives in keeping pace with evolving requirements in this space.

“Our ultimate goal is for the ANA to be the data, measurement, and analytics standard-setting body for marketers,” Bob Liodice, the ANA’s CEO, said in a statement.

“Data, analytics, and measurement are fundamental to helping the industry better understand customers and brands to effectively grow businesses, and ACE is about serving marketers’ needs and significantly moving the industry forward.”

Elaborating on this theme, Liodice suggested that marketers often do not have the skills, resources or experience to maximise the impact of data in their campaigns or satisfactorily measure results – a problem the ANA hopes to overcome.

In pursuing that goal, the ACE will establish a committee to deliver thought leadership, identify trends and undertake research in fields like attribution modeling and cross-platform analytics.

Julie Fleischer, VP/Marketing Solutions at Neustar, quoted research the company had conducted with Forbes' CMO Practice to underline the importance of such efforts.

And she reported that marketers investing more than 10% of working media in analytics were three times more likely to beat sales targets by at least 25%.

“The ANA is the leading marketing organization for brand marketers, so it makes sense that they are taking a leadership role in establishing governance, standards, and a curriculum around marketing accountability,” Fleischer added.

Among the resources the ACE will release are assessment tools, case studies and playbooks, along with live seminars, online and offline training, and webinars. Most material will be for ANA members only, but some will be publicly available.

Sourced from ANA