More consumers are buying online than ever before, and they are also more likely to buy from the same store when they make an online purchase, a new global report has revealed.

That is according to Shopify, a Canadian multi-channel commerce platform, which found 62 million people around the world have bought from the same Shopify store twice, making an average 3.8 purchases from the same store last year.

American consumers were found to buy nearly twice as much (six items) as their counterparts in other countries covered in the study, including the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan.

Shopify said its insights were based on analysis of its global sales data from April 2018 to April 2019, an online global survey of 3,832 Shopify merchants in March 2019, as well as research in Canada and the US, including interviews and an online survey of 2,653 consumers.

According to the research, Americans shop most frequently, German consumers make the fastest online shopping decisions, while Japanese shoppers spend the most.

It takes the average German online shopper 17.68 minutes to make a purchase, the report said, while shoppers in France (18.97) and the UK (19.32) take a little longer.

By contrast, shoppers in Singapore (28.23 minutes) and Japan (27.60) prefer to spend more time when deciding what to buy, as do Canadians (26.90) and Americans (23.47).

But while consumers in these countries may linger in their path to purchase, once they have decided, then they tend to spend the most on average per transaction.

Japanese consumers spend the most per transaction in the world, averaging US$141.7, which is some way ahead of Canadians, who rank second for the amount spent per purchase (US$100.66).

They are followed by consumers in Singapore ($91.09), Australia ($85.42), the US ($81.26), New Zealand ($76.26), Ireland ($73.26), Germany ($72.43), the UK ($67.13) and France ($65.04).

The Shopify research also found that geography has an impact on which device consumers prefer to make purchases. For example, online shoppers in Brazil choose mobile over desktop while in India more purchases are make on desktop and tablet than mobile.

Tablets are preferred in Singapore, Denmark, New Zealand and the Netherlands, among others, while consumers in the US, Canada, Australia, China and the UK use all three devices.

Sourced from Shopify; additional content by WARC staff