NEW YORK: AMC Networks, the New York-based entertainment company behind shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Into the Badlands” has taken a significant step into the world of addressable TV advertising.

It is partnering with technology firm Sorenson Media to provide targeted advertising on its live, linear TV programming across national networks that include AMC, WE tv, SundanceTV and IFC, with BBC America to come at a later date.

The two media companies announced the deal in a statement that provided detail about Sorenson Addressable, the ad platform that is said to be able to create targeted ads based on specific viewer characteristics.

Rather than advertisers having to pay for the same ad that is sent to a multitude of households, the companies say that Sorenson Addressable can send ads in real-time with content relevant to household demographics and interests.

“The real-time nature of the product’s data collection allows advertisers to use information gleaned from same-day reporting to make more informed decisions on how to reach specific audiences,” the statement added.

“Our partnership with Sorenson Media strengthens the power of our popular and culturally-relevant networks, giving advertisers the ability to reach consumers more directly and with greater impact,” said Adam Gaynor, vice president of AMCN Agility, AMC’s sales group.

“Adding addressability to our suite of advanced TV products furthers our ability to connect brands to their intended consumers.”

As explained by the Wall Street Journal, AMC’s adoption of Sorenson’s technology will enable it to serve different ads to different households – and may well allow it to charge higher rates.

For example, if an automaker buys a 30-second ad during one of AMC’s shows, AMC could send an ad for a truck to a farmer in Illinois at the same time as sending an ad for a sports car to the screen of wealthy enthusiast in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, other viewers might see an ad for a standard car.

“In the old world, TV advertisers tried to hit every single TV, but in the world of addressable TV they can focus on hitting the right TVs,” said Pat Nola, CEO of Sorenson Media.

Sourced from AMC Networks, Sorenson Media, Wall Street Journal; additional content by WARC staff