​Ad Net Zero is running a special 2-day Global Summit to coincide with COP26 in November, and is inviting advertising professionals around the world to join (free) thought leadership sessions and practical workshops which will tackle issues around the climate emergency.

The summit

  • Day One: Sets out the ambitions of Ad Net Zero, the UK advertising initiative to help the industry respond to the climate crisis, and the system change needed in the world’s advertising industry.

    Big themes to be explored include what is meant by sustainable leadership in advertising, the role of marketing to be a force for positive change and the ways it can tackle greenwashing in advertising.

  • Day Two: A series of practical workshops, with step-by-step advice and guidance for advertising professionals to understand how to track, measure and reduce the carbon emissions of their work, as well as support the shift to more sustainable products and services across all areas of people’s lives.

Anyone interested in attending the Summit online can register for a place here.

The training

Ad Net Zero will also be launching the first training qualification for advertising professionals to fully equip people with the understanding to take responsibility for the carbon emissions related to the operations of advertising work day-to-day, as well as consider the role their work plays in promoting sustainable products and services.

The guide

During the course of 2021, Ad Net Zero supporters have contributed to the development of a Best Practice Guide for all businesses in the advertising supply chain to help track, measure and reduce their carbon emissions. This Guide, which has also been rigorously tested by the Ad Net Zero supporter base, will be published at the Summit for everyone in the industry to access for free.

Sourced from Advertising Association