As the first holiday season approaches since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the US, a new survey has revealed that almost two-thirds (64%) of US consumers are at least as excited about it as they were in previous years.

However, the impact of COVID-19 has left its mark, meaning that more consumers intend to browse, research and shop online, while TV consumption is also expected to increase.

That is according to video ad platforms Unruly and Tremor Video, whose joint survey of 820 US adults in late September explored consumer attitudes, expectations and plans for the 2020 festive season.

The research found that three-quarters (75%) of respondents intend to carry out at least half of their holiday shopping online, while more than half (53%) say they will increase the frequency of their online shopping.

However, of special note for luxury brands, some 89% of wealthier consumers with a household income of more than $100,000 a year plan to go online for at least half of their holiday shopping.

As well as the internet, TV will be an important channel to reach consumers because the survey revealed that 53% say they will watch TV more frequently, while 58% say they will browse the internet more often.

Importantly, 41% say that TV ads are among the most influential media channels in terms of inspiring their holiday purchase decisions, although advertisers should take care to strike the right tone.

That is because, in this difficult year, US consumers want advertisers to make them feel happy during the holiday season, with 57% of respondents saying they would like this year’s festive content to cheer them up. Warmth (40%), inspiration (35%) and nostalgia (30%) are other popular themes for creative.

However, that doesn’t mean consumers want advertisers to ignore COVID-19, as 42% think holiday ads should make some reference to the situation people have had to face this year.

“Online shopping and TV consumption are on the rise this holiday season and, as these channels are increasingly embraced due to continued stay-at-home restrictions, [they] present advertisers with an opportunity to more effectively reach new consumer groups through online video and TV,” said Terence Scroope, VP of insights at Unruly and Tremor Video.

“Brands should seize this opportunity to deliver highly targeted, personalised ads to consumers across all screens, including CTV, in-app, instream, mobile and desktop.”

Sourced from Unruly, Tremor Video