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Katherine Kam 1. Infographic: Social Media Strategy

Katherine Kam, Production Editor, Warc
Is your social media strategy working? That's the question many marketers are asking, as they try to assess the value of a brand's Facebook fan or Twitter follower. Putting some kind of metric on social media has become the Holy Grail of digital media companies and media planners. We still lack a clear set of metrics for social media but we are learning increasingly more about how social media can be used well. … (more)

Katherine Kam 2. UK ad market - what happened and what's next?

Katherine Kam, Production Editor, Warc
The Warc/AA Advertising Expenditure report shows that UK advertising spend (excluding direct mail) grew by 2.8% in 2011 reaching £14.4 billion in total. Growth is expected to continue in 2012 with new forecasts predicting a 3.8% increase, well ahead of growth across the rest of the UK economy. 2012 growth forecasts identify internet (up 8.9%) and out-of-home (up 5.0%) as the strongest contributors during the Olympic year. … (more)

Joseph Clift 3. Advertising: Science or art?

Joseph Clift, Web Producer, Warc
Is advertising success achieved through incremental research, careful checking of data and sound planning – or is it more to do with the creative "eureka moment"? This "science vs art" question has troubled advertising's biggest brains for decades. Remember that famous Bill Bernbach quote? "Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art." … (more)

Cila Warncke 4. IPA Creative Pioneers conference London

Cila Warncke, Summaries Writer, Warc
Despite the From Silicon Valley to Silicon Roundabout tag the IPA’s Creative Pioneers conference showed that creativity has no post code. London and California are influential not because they’re where stuff gets made, but because their products and platforms reach a global audience. … (more)

Joseph Clift 5. Ad Research 2012 preview: Why you should be using semiotics

Joseph Clift, Web Producer, Warc
One of the reasons Warc set up its Advertising Research conference – which takes place in London on September 25th – was to offer marketers the latest thinking on the research techniques they might have overlooked when developing previous campaigns. One such discipline is semiotics: the study of the cultural resonance of signs and symbols. That's the subject of a joint Ad Research presentation by Dr Alex Gordon, CEO of research agency Sign Salad and Debi Bester, co-founder of The Reinvention Works … (more)

Joseph Clift 6. Creative Effectiveness Lions 2012: A video wrap-up

Joseph Clift, Web Producer, Warc
While the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a major draw for its seminars – see previous Warc blogposts covering Visa, Facebook and YouTube – most of the Festival's media coverage focuses on the Lions themselves, widely viewed as ad land's Oscars. One category we at Warc watch particularly closely is the Creative Effectiveness Lions, set up in 2011 to award campaigns that link long-term business results to their creative … (more)

David Penn 7. Why we need to be more emotionally intelligent

David Penn, Managing Director, Conquest
How emotionally intelligent is the marketing and MR community? I recently ran a workshop on Why Emotions Matter with a large group of UK clients. One of their tasks was to come up with an elevator speech that would convince a sceptical CEO (say, Lord Sugar of Apprentice fame) of the benefits of researching emotional response to his brand or advertising. Whilst the task was accepted enthusiastically by all, when it came to the crunch no one volunteered to deliver the speech… (more)

Cila Warncke 8. Hidden Value in Consumers’ Decisions

Cila Warncke, Summaries Writer, Warc
Information overload may be a problem for marketers, not consumers. That was one of the ideas floated at a recent presentation on The Hidden Value in Consumers' Decisions - by Matthew Willcox, executive director of Draftfcb's Institute of Decision Making and Vicki Holgate, Draftfcb London's head of planning … (more)

Joseph Clift 9. A closer look at European adspend

Joseph Clift, Web Producer, Warc
Central and Eastern Europe in general – and Russia in particular – are enjoying spectacular growth in their online adspend. That's one of the most striking findings from the latest AdEx report, released by IAB Europe earlier this week and unveiled at its Interact conference in Barcelona … (more)

Geoffrey Precourt 10. 'Big data': crisis or challenge?

Geoffrey Precourt, US Editor, Warc
This week Warc is reporting from the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) Audience Measurement conference in New York City. The theme is the 'measurement crisis' – but is 'crisis' a fair description of the current state of audience research? … (more)