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Key reading


Marketing to women: the new rulebook

Sets out a new way of thinking about marketing to women as old definitions and associations become outmoded. Traditional identity-drivers such as motherhood, achievement in work, and age have shifted to near irrelevance; women are individuals with new priorities and desires.

Young women's health, fitness and wellbeing

Topline global trends in attitudes and approaches to health among under-30s women.

Women 2020: How women's actions and expectations are changing the future

Why marketers need to respect the changing role of women in society.

How to market to women

Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples and recommended reading.
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P&G tackles a taboo with a digital conversation – 'Like a Girl'

How Always engaged consumers in a new way by changing the conversation.

Latest case studies

Plan International: How a video with no budget influenced the UN's 15 year plan

This case study explains how Plan International, an international development organisation, put girls' rights at the top of the UN agenda for sustainable development goals.

Maybelline: The most accessible make up brand in the Middle East

This case study describes how cosmetics brand Maybelline changed its marketing strategy in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq to increase sales by capitalising on new make-up trends and becoming a friendly, advisory brand.

How L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect transformed its fortunes by showing older women that they are still 'worth it'

This case study shows how L'Oréal, a personal care brand, increased sales and brand awareness in the UK by using a brand ambassador to engage an undervalued consumer group.

Todo sí: How Masglo positioned its brand saying yes to all woman

This case study describes a brand re-launch by Masglo, a Colombian nail polish brand, which built an emotional connection with women.

Latest articles

Social insight for gender differences in navigation

This paper describes a research project for HERE, a global location data company, which wanted to understand why the majority of users of its smartphone location app were male and how it could better appeal to women.

Modern feminism: is it floundering or flourishing?

In this article the author cautions brands to be mindful of the varying forms feminism takes in the modern age when appealing to female consumers.

Just Married! A love story between qualitative research and social listening

This paper examines the methodological possibilities of social media listening and traditional qualitative interviewing techniques, demonstrating how the confluence of the approaches work in the German women’s fashion industry.

The broad church of innovation: Stereotypes, privacy and emoji

This event report details a variety of innovations in communications, with UK examples from advertisers including Google, Domino's Pizza and Barclays.

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