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Key reading


Women 2020: How women's actions and expectations are changing the future

A paper exploring how women act as catalysts for change, today and in the future. It argues that marketers should respect the changing role of women in society, and the deep repercussions of this shift for both popular and consumer culture around the world.

Midlife Women: Embracing power and avoiding invisibility

This paper analyses the state of women aged 45-64 years old, using an international perspective.

Do men and women respond differently to ads?

Research which measured gendered emotional responses to ads by creative approach.

How to market to women

Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples and recommended reading.
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P&G tackles a taboo with a digital conversation – 'Like a Girl'

How Always engaged consumers in a new way by changing the conversation.

Latest case studies

Galaxy Chocolate: The Galaxy style exchange

This case demonstrates how Galaxy, the chocolate brand, grew attention among young women in Ireland.

Sport England Insight: Engaging women and girls in sport

This case study shows how Sport England used the flow of quality insight to decision makers, partners and the consumer (and back) to make for a deeper understanding of women and change the way the organisation works with them.

Decoding Impulse: How an innovative approach to in-store research revolutionised Revlon's understanding of cosmetics shoppers

This case study describes how Revlon, the cosmetics company, used an innovative approach to revolutionise its understanding of the UK cosmetics shopper.

Juvederm: Allergan Normalise and Activate

This case study describes how Juvéderm, a cosmetic facial filler brand, used a segmentation strategy and digital display partnerships to make the most of the opportunities presented by digital channels.

Latest articles

The changing face of the beauty customer

This article argues that brands need to innovate in their product offering and marketing to match the growing trend for consumers to trial and review beauty products via digital devices and social media.

Using Greimas' semiotics in ethnic consumer research

With a rapidly growing number of consumers experiencing migration around the world, the need for new research methodologies to understand ethnic consumption becomes more pressing for managers operating in global markets.

Know the audience: Mums

This article discusses recent global statistics, research and insights into mothers.

How Macy's fashions a new influencer strategy

This event report addresses how Macy's, the department-store chain, has developed its influencer strategy over time.

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