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Key reading


The global later lifers market

This report from Euromonitor discusses the growth of older populations in key markets, and the challenges and opportunities this trend presents. It shows that, in our ageing societies, there are large numbers of 'healthy and wealthy' older people, who have considerable – and growing – consumer spending power.

Stereotypes about grandparents

Les Binet and Sarah Carter criticise the lack of attention paid to grandparents by marketers.

New approaches to ageing consumers

Why ageing populations have become a mega-issue that affects all types of companies.
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Global ageing but not as we know it

The case for using "perceived age" (rather than actual age) for segmention.

How to market effectively to seniors

Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples and recommended reading.

Latest case studies

KappAhl: Life & Style all mobile loyalty club

This case study explains how KappAhl, a fashion brand, developed a mobile loyalty program.

MLC: Save Retirement

This case study explains how MLC, a wealth management company, used a content strategy to help inform Australians and improve their confidence in planning for retirement.

A.H Beard: Six week sleep challenge

This case study explains how AH Beard, an Australian mattress manufacturer, overcame being in a low-interest category by creating a Six-Week Sleep Challenge in a social media campaign.

Idea Cellular: No Ullu Banaoing

This case study shows how Idea, a mobile internet service in India, demonstrated the relevance of its product to its hard-to-reach target market.

Latest articles

Travel is booming for Australian Boomers

This article assesses the opportunities for tourism and travel marketers amongst older demographic segments in Australia and provides recommendations for how to reach them.

Mythbuster: Advertising's obsession with youth

This article argues that marketers need to spend more time thinking about older consumers, and less time focussing on millennials.

Dancing 'til we drop: Global ageing but not as we know it - the development and application of a universal age construct

This paper sets out the case for using "perceived age" for segmention, which can be more predictive of consumer behaviour than chronological age alone and includes supporting work conducted with the BBC, the media organisation.

Aging Asia: How brands are tackling Asia's aging population

This article introduces Aging Asia, a series of articles on the challenges presented by Asia's aging population and the opportunities that older consumers represent for brands.

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