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Key reading


The global later lifers market

This report from Euromonitor discusses the growth of older populations in key markets, and the challenges and opportunities this trend presents. It shows that, in our ageing societies, there are large numbers of 'healthy and wealthy' older people, who have considerable – and growing – consumer spending power.

How to market effectively to the 50+ consumer

Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples, checklists and recommended reading.

Stereotypes about grandparents

Les Binet and Sarah Carter criticise the lack of attention paid to grandparents by marketers.

New approaches to ageing consumers

Why ageing populations have become a mega-issue that affects all types of companies.
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Global ageing but not as we know it

The case for using "perceived age" (rather than actual age) for segmentation.

Latest case studies

Bupa: Amazing insights from data previously deemed insignificant

This case study describes how Bupa, a private healthcare company, improved its door drop campaigns for care homes in the UK.

Royal London: Market share goes from 2% to 13% with device-specific ads

This case study describes how the Royal London Group, an insurance company, targeted over 50s in the UK with a digital search acquisition strategy.

Dr.Max Bonus Card Benefits

This case study details how the Czech pharmacy Dr Max introduced a loyalty program that brings together prior medical information so that customers can receive personalised treatment and a smoother process.

Liberal Party of Canada: Justin Trudeau 2015 Election Campaign - "Hazel"

This case study details how the Liberal Party in Canada won a majority in the 2015 federal elections by using online video.

Latest articles

Why Older Adults Show Preference for Rational Over Emotional Advertising Appeals: A U.K. Brand Study Challenges the Applicability of Socioemotional Selectivity Theory to Advertising

Conventional advice when targeting older adults is to use factual, rational appeals over emotional appeals due to age-related differences in information processing.

3 ways to engage with Boomers through digital design

This article looks at how the Boomer market segment is under-served by current technology provisions and finds three ways in which brands can engage with these wealthy consumers by serving their specific needs.

Travel is booming for Australian Boomers

This article assesses the opportunities for tourism and travel marketers amongst older demographic segments in Australia and provides recommendations for how to reach them.

Mythbuster: Advertising's obsession with youth

This article argues that marketers need to spend more time thinking about older consumers, and less time focussing on millennials.

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