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Key reading

multicultural nation

How brand marketers are connecting with the new 'general market'

This article presents the challenges of marketing to a multicultural nation. It suggests that the US is trending towards a truly diverse society and there is great value for brands in appealing to a diverse range of people.

Brand Cross Cultural Index: Reframing brand value in the new marketplace

Ranking brands based on their ability to build meaningful connections across ethnic segments.

The multicultural edge: Rising super consumers

Nielsen research on the African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic communities.

Marketing to the new majority

This article looks at how brands must make ethnic segments an integral part of overall business strategies.

General Mills seeks to engage the new American family

The importance of reflecting modern values when using 'family' as the target audience.

Latest case studies

Supermalt: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This case study describes how Supermalt, a drinks brand, used creative and fun PR and events to target Afican and Caribbean communities in London, UK.

Bio Green: One giant leap for Edna

This case study describes how Bio Green, a yoghurt-based products company, redesigned and relaunched its product range.

Ofcom: Communications equality for deaf people and those with speech impairments

This article describes research by Ofcom, the UK communications industry regulator, which sought to better understand the needs of deaf people and those with speech impairments.

7Up Redefined

This case study shows how 7Up, the soft drinks brand, grew its sales and brand relevance amongst young Hispanics in the United States by aligning the brand with electronic dance music.

Latest articles

Using Greimas' semiotics in ethnic consumer research

With a rapidly growing number of consumers experiencing migration around the world, the need for new research methodologies to understand ethnic consumption becomes more pressing for managers operating in global markets.

Cultural diversity and its impact on global consumer markets – executive briefing

This report explores how growth in cultural diversity is changing global consumer markets and explains how these changes affect marketers.

Redefining Generation Y: Ethnic youth in the UK

This event report looks at ethnic minority youth in the UK as a study from Manning Gottlieb OMD highlights the fact that their numbers are growing and in several areas their behaviour differs significantly from white British youth.

Heineken refreshes its approach to Hispanic marketing

This event report demonstrates how Heineken, the brewer, has sought to develop its Hispanic marketing strategy in the US.

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