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Key reading

marketing to millennials

Marketing to millennials: Five things every marketer should know

This report discusses the distinct media consumption habits of millennials as a way of predicting future media trends. It argues that millennials' habits vary from those of older people – an increasingly important difference for brands.

Best Practice: How to market effectively to millennials

Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples and recommended reading.

Creating Gen-Y-proof brands

Viacom research showing how to understand better the lives and needs of millennials.

Teens and screens

Five insights brands should use in mobile campaigns for teens, based on research from Orange.
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Know the audience: Teens

Global research into the media consumption habits of teens, and advice for brands that want to engage.

Latest case studies

Slurpee Xpandinator: Flipping value on its head

This case study describes how Slurpee, a frozen beverage in Australia, created a brand experience to grow brand affinity whilst under price attack from competitors.

Fanta: The Fanta Masters: How we used gaming as a trojan horse to compete with a Goliath

This case study describes how Fanta, a small player in the fruit-flavour drink category in MENA, created a new brand platform based on gaming to appeal to teens, and drive recruitment and consumption.

Rip Curl: Rip Curl Search GPS

This case study describes how Rip Curl, the world's leading surf brand, created a world-first waterproof GPS and surfing app to bring surfing into the connected age and improve its brand credibility.

Omron: Donate your voice to help someone see

This case study describes how Omron, a market-leader in home healthcare in India, launched a corporate social responsibility campaign to encourage people to donate time to help the blind and improve Omron's brand affinity.

Latest articles

‘Social capital’ and ‘cultural infusion’: how brands can engage Australia’s millennials

This article explores concepts of 'social capital' and cultural infusion as key elements of brand resonance among Australian millennials, and how marketers can best achieve these.

How consumer brand advocates can engage Australia’s millennials

This article covers how brands can build brand resonance among Australian millennials by using loyal customers and influencers as brand advocates on social media.

Know the audience: Millennials

This article looks at Millennials, those aged between 17-31, who represent the largest share of internet users aged 16-64, and discusses their attitudes and behaviour toward devices, social networks, e-commerce, and brand engagement.

Dos Equis' new "interest": ESPN college-football partnership

This event report outlines how Dos Equis, the beer brand, is planning to reach consumers by sponsoring the College Football Playoff on ESPN.

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