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Key reading

marketing to millennials

How to market effectively to millennials

This article offers best practice advice about how marketers can engage and impress the elusive Millennial demographic. To ensure an optimal response, brands should try to communicate a more meaningful underlying purpose to their business, be authentic and leverage digital content and social media effectively.

Best Practice: Marketing to centennials

Practical tips, examples and recommended reading on reaching young people aged between 0 and 19.

Creating Gen-Y-proof brands

Viacom research showing how to understand better the lives and needs of millennials.

Teens and screens

Five insights brands should use in mobile campaigns for teens, based on research from Orange.
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Know the audience: Teens

Global research into the media consumption habits of teens, and advice for brands that want to engage.

Latest case studies

Kofola: Fofola

This case study explains how Kofola, a cola drink brand, connected with young people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic through a series of online videos.

Meetic/Match: Love Your Imperfections 1

This case study explains how Meetic, the online dating subscription service, fought back against newer competitors in France, Germany, Sweden and the UK.

Zalando: #whereveryouare

This case study explains how online retailer Zalando used micro-targeting to make people living in small towns and villages feel special - and increase sales.

New York Lottery: You'd Make a Way Better Rich Person

This case study describes how New York Lotto took back its title as the city's jackpot game.

Latest articles

Westpac targets Australia's millennials with content marketing

The article outlines how Westpac, Australia’s oldest bank, is targeting millennial customers with content marketing.

The Evolution of Retail: Unilever Adapts For Asia's Millennial Future

The article outlines how Unilever is adapting to the digital transformation of the Asia retail scene, and what these changes mean for the future of retail as millennials take over.

Using native video to engage the ‘uninterruptible’ Generation Z

This event report details research from Sharethrough, a native advertising software provider, on the use of native video to reach Generation Z via mobile.

The Game-changing Generation: How millennials are disrupting the market and what your brand can do about it

This paper reports the findings of a study into what millennials are looking for when choosing a mobile network provider, including the best ways to talk to this demographic, and what would influence their likelihood to switch or stay with a provider.

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