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Key reading

Thought leadership

What's different about B2B marketing?

This article discusses the various ways in which business-to-business marketing is different from business-to-consumer marketing. It covers the differences in market size, frequency of purchase, and the presence of a more formal buying group – and argues that B2B companies frequently lack marketing competence.

What works in digital B2B

A summary of how business-to-business brands are changing – and are missing opportunities.

Thought leadership in practice

This article offers four steps for agencies wanting to develop thought leadership.

How execs access 24/7 business and finance content

Changes in lifestyle mean business people access work-related content outside of work hours.

Why marketers need to humanise the B2B brand

Research which suggests many decision makers choose suppliers based on personal value.

Latest case studies

The Prince's Trust: Reframing the conversation - Disadvantaged young people are full of potential

This case study explains how The Prince's Trust, a British charity for underprivileged young people, used an integrated campaign to showcase disadvantaged young people's skills to business leaders and grow donations.

IBM Smarter Cities Connect

This case study explains how IBM, the technology company, used a content strategy to create conversations between thought leaders and city officials around the world - with IBM at the centre - to make cities smarter.

The UK's first ever Sport Social Media Index

This case study explains how British agency Umpf won itself new business by creating a social media measurement tool in which to pit potential clients against each other.

Adobe Marketing Cloud: Do you know what your marketing is doing?

This case study describes how Adobe Marketing Cloud, a suite of digital marketing software, reached its elusive audience in the USA with an agile communication strategy.

Latest articles

The power of storytelling: how Philips rebranded as a health business

This event report looks at how Philips, the electronics company, has gone about repositioning as a healthcare business.

Mobile Elite 2015: Unlocking the potential of mobile technology

This article summarises research into how business executives across the globe are using mobile technology at work and in their personal lives.

Adding the sparkle to immersion research: An approach that makes immersion research an actionable reality

This paper observes the new research method of Immersion as a way to provide a context that explains influences and behaviours of consumers, and uses a case study to illustrate this observation.

Risk insures success for Hiscox USA

This event report outlines how Hiscox USA – a unit of the British insurance provider – boosted its core brand metrics by playing against category conventions.

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