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Key reading

Thought leadership

What's different about B2B marketing?

This article discusses the various ways in which business-to-business marketing is different from business-to-consumer marketing. It covers the differences in market size, frequency of purchase, and the presence of a more formal buying group – and argues that B2B companies frequently lack marketing competence.

What works in digital B2B

A summary of how business-to-business brands are changing – and are missing opportunities.
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Thought leadership in practice

This article offers four steps for agencies wanting to develop thought leadership.

How execs access 24/7 business and finance content

Changes in lifestyle mean business people access work-related content outside of work hours.

Why marketers need to humanise the B2B brand

Research which suggests many decision makers choose suppliers based on personal value.

Latest case studies

GREAT Britain Campaign: Creating impact for Britain around the world

This case study describes how the Government's GREAT Britain campaign differentiated the UK as a premier destination for tourism, education and inward investment by presenting the familiar and the new in a unified and surprising way.

Junior Ticket: Chestnuts

This case study demonstrates how Edenred, a company that provides prepaid corporate services, promoted its Ticket Junior product in the Czech Republic.

SisalPay: GoBeyond - the fast lane for Italian ideas

This case study explains how SisalPay, Italy's leading payments and service provider, put together a campaign to 'GiveBack' and bring positivity to the country despite an economic crisis.

Bit - International Travel Fair: Bit - from b2b to b2p

This case study describes how Fiera Milano, the trade fair organiser, renewed interest in the Borsa Internazionale del Turismo (Bit), an event that brings together tour operators from around the world.

Latest articles

Marketers must lead the way in driving B2B sales

This article argues that, as departments outside of marketing are increasingly having regular conversations with clients via digital channels, it is crucial for marketing to remain at the heart of the relationship with the customer.

Bosses in hoodies and flip-flops: how Tesco is preparing for a future run by millennials

This event report considers how the elevation of the millennial generation into senior positions will affect business structures and how companies interact with consumers.

The power of storytelling: how Philips rebranded as a health business

This event report looks at how Philips, the electronics company, has gone about repositioning as a healthcare business.

Driving B2B growth with account-based marketing

This article explains how account-based marketing (ABM) has evolved to outperform any other marketing approach and why it is time to position it as a business change initiative to drive company growth.

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