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Key reading


Understanding television audiences

This best practice paper argues that television is the dominant mass medium in the minds of major marketers and consumers. Television remains the primary communications channel when launching a new brand or supporting an existing brand, despite the rise in popularity of digital channels of recent years.
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The two-screen experience

How media consumption habits have changed, specifically through the multiscreening trend.

10 rules for TV strategy

Tips for compelling TV ads, including guidance on using emotion and scheduling for maximum effect.

Television: Back to the Future

Viewing behaviour continues to follow some law-like patterns that have remained the same for 40 years.

Warc adspend database: TV

This tool allows you to build your own adspend datasets for individual media channels, including TV.

Latest case studies

How Specsavers made ongoing use of TV

This case study describes how Specsavers increased the fame of its brand through an evolutionary media strategy.

IKEA: The Great Sleep

This case study describes how IKEA encouraged customers in Germany to think about their lives in a way that would promote the everyday relevance of the brand.

Sting (PepsiCo): Everyday Hero

This case study describes how PepsiCo used local knowledge of the Egyptian market and everyday life in Egypt as part of its launch for its new affordable energy drink Sting.

Warner Bros.: PAN theatrical release

This case study describes how Warner Brothers Home Entertainment developed a streamlined process in order to take advantage of the big data available and to improve business results during the release of Pan.

Latest articles

How to mix brand placements in television programmes to maximise effectiveness

This research, based on 20 brand placement campaigns for 17 brands in 11 Belgian entertainment shows, uses the mixture modelling technique to identify the optimal mix of brand placement types in a programme.

Data quality and cost: The challenges facing the media and communications research industry

This event report considers some of the major challenges currently facing the media and communications research industry.

How the BBC operates in a global video market

This event report outlines how BBC Worldwide is tackling the problem of measuring media use and engagement in multiple markets across the globe.

IAB UK: Real_Living Research

This paper from the IAB UK sets out findings of their study of second screens, showing, crucially, that ad breaks don't necessarily correlate with device usage.

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