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Key reading

P&G Proud Sponsor of Moms

What we know about sponsorship strategies

This guide summarises the key arguments on Warc around the topic of sponsorship, offering marketers practical advice from industry experts. It includes several case study examples, including the 'Thank You Mom' campaign from Procter & Gamble, which was based around the FMCG giant's Olympic Games sponsorship.
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Sports marketing: The engaging fan experience

How to leverage sports marketing to deliver profitable engagement for your brand.

How sports sponsorship has become strategic brand marketing

Sponsorship partnerships are moving from a transactional relationship to being value-based.

Sponsorship's influence

Different types of brand sponsorship deals, and the impact of these sponsorships on consumers.

Bring the event to life

Four approaches to events sponsorship for brands, including the pros and cons for each.

Latest case studies

Virgin Money: 26.2% off or a 2.62% mortgage for running 26.2 miles

This case study describes how Virgin Money, the loans company, strengthened its sponsorship of the London Marathon in the UK in order to turn runners into Virgin Money customers.

Sure: Sure deodorant owns music and motion with festival experiences

This case study reveals how Sure, the deodorant brand, activated a new communications strategy at music festivals in the UK to target young audiences.

Samsung Electronics Australia: Challenging Australians to Rethink RoleModels

This case study describes how Samsung, an electronics and technology manufacturer, sponsored Netball to drive brand engagement in Australia.

Sonic: Drive to Manchester

This case study sets out how Chevrolet used a partnership with Manchester United, the football club, to create an online game which led to an increase in sales.

Latest articles

Adstats: Global Sponsorship

This article looks at global sponsorship, which is forecast to rise 4.5% to $62.8 billion globally in 2017 - some 6% of global marketing spend.

Cricket dominates sports sponsorship in India

This article explores the opportunities for brands in Indian sport, including the Indian Premier League (IPL).

How Australia's marketers can navigate the Olympics

This article examines some of the strict legal requirements governing Australian brands with regards to marketing during the Olympic Games, and provides examples of the challenges and work-arounds brands have faced when trying to align with the event.

7 routes to more effective sports sponsorship

This article outlines seven strategies by which brands can successfully leverage the power of sport sponsorship.

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