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Key reading

Doritos Mariachi

Seriously Social: How social strategy can drive business results

Warc's Seriously Social report is an exclusive analysis of the world's most effective social media campaigns by the pre-eminent marketing consultant Peter Field. The report includes guidance on types of social strategy and the various drivers of business results from social media campaigns.
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Guide to advertising on Snapchat

Information, guidance and case studies on how brands can use Snapchat to engage young audiences.

Social media buyer's guide

The IAB's guide on how to advertise on the seven leading social media platforms.

The business return from social media

Guidance on business objectives and appropriate metrics for social media campaigns.

Social, Digital & Mobile statistics

This article summarises the findings from a We Are Social report covering key social and mobile stats.

Latest case studies

Kenco: Coffee vs Gangs

This case study explains how Kenco, the coffee brand, boosted its ethical credentials to increase sales in the UK and Ireland.

Zalando: #whereveryouare

This case study explains how online retailer Zalando used micro-targeting to make people living in small towns and villages feel special - and increase sales.

Nice'n Easy: The Greys Are Here

This case study describes how a P&G home hair colour brand, Nice'n Easy, used a Facebook platform to drive brand awareness and sales/share among Australian women.

Shelter Pet: Start A Story. Adopt

This case study demonstrates how The Shelter Pet Project, a collaboration between the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie's Fund and The Ad Council, used homeless pets online to transform the way America thinks about these pets.

Latest articles

Lego evolves its brand with social media and content marketing

This article explores how Lego, the toy company, evolved its brand with social media and content marketing campaigns designed around specific cultural insights.

Procter & Gamble rethinks reach on Facebook

This event report outlines how Procter & Gamble, the FMCG manufacturer, is adjusting its strategy to secure greater reach on Facebook.

Gaining Marketing-Relevant Knowledge from Social Media Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words

This paper describes an automated system for analysing imagery and pictures posted on social media, which in turn can be used to provide brand-specific insights such as brand awareness, popularity and use.

2X the Impact at Half the Time and Half the Cost? How the first ever social media H&A study created a transformation at Unilever

This report describes the results of a Unilever Habits and Attitudes (H&A) study that looked into consumer behaviour and the opportunities provided by listening to social media conversations to pick up emerging signals of change.

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