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Key reading

L'Oreal Excellence

The future of search

This article, from search market leader Google, argues that search is becoming increasingly useful in brand-building campaigns. It uses examples from brands including cosmetics giant L'Oréal to support this argument – adding that marketers need to move away from their traditional direct response approach when buying search ads.

How to make your brand a verb

Practical guidance on using the correct words to describe a brand – which is very important for SEO.

Search engine optimisation

Best Practice paper offering guidance for brands on choosing the best SEO project partner.

Insights from social and search

This Best Practice paper covers search and social data, which are increasingly being used to drive insights.

Three SEO issues every brand should know about

An event report looks at the evolution of Google’s search algorithms and what they mean for publishers.

Latest case studies

World Animal Protection: Before they book

This case study illustrates how World Animal Protection, an animal rights charity in the UK, changed public behaviour by raising awareness on animal tour rides.

Bonnington's Irish Moss: A Story of David vs Goliath

This case study describes how Bonnington's Irish Moss, the Australian cough remedy, successfully fought back against a dwindling market share.

Hasbro Deutschland GMBH: Office war

This case study describes how Hasbro Deutschland GMBH promoted its toy NERF Blasters to a new demographic in Germany.

Olay: Stepchanging digital to drive purchase intent with search and consumer ratings & reviews

This case study shows how Olay, the skin care brand, included digital search and content generation into its previously traditional media campaigns, to grow brand awareness and purchase intent in Thailand.

Latest articles

AdEx Benchmark study: The onward march of online and search

This event report looks at the growth of online advertising spending in Europe and how multiscreening in eastern Europe can make TV advertising more effective.

Three SEO issues every brand should know about: The view from iProspect

This event report looks at the evolution of Google’s search algorithms and what they mean for content.

Point of view: Beware bad SEO 'services'

This article outlines some of the signs to look for when hiring a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency - because poor services can do real damage.

Zenefits offers marketing lessons from Silicon Valley

This event report outlines how Zenefits, a provider of "all-in-one" software for human resources teams, has injected some Silicon Valley flair into marketing.

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