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PR, WOM & earned media

Key reading


Planning for earned media

This paper makes it clear that earned media should not be considered as a lucky break for a brand, it can be strategically planned and optimised for reliable outcomes. One key element of this is that early momentum in a campaign leads to a greater result overall.
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Integrate PR and advertising to boost sales

Why using PR in tandem with advertising can maximise value – as press coverage is linked to higher sales.

How to use PR effectively

Best Practice paper arguing that PR should now be afforded a more important role by almost all companies.

Point of view: PR and WOM can co-exist

Why the redundancy of PR in a cynical user-generated content world has become a favourite industry theme.

5 steps to social video success

This article outlines practical guidance for brands to make their online videos 'go viral'.

Latest case studies

Post-it Super Sticky: #4eversticky

This case study shows how Post-It, the adhesive note brand, created a successful social and video campaign in Italy to market its new super-sticky product.

Affligem: Momentum

This case study demonstrates how Affligem, a Belgian beer brand owned by Heineken, used storytelling to reposition as a luxury brand in Italy.

CHECT: The Next Photo

This case study describes how the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust raised awareness of retinoblastoma and CHECT in the UK, and provided a method of detection that could be performed with any smartphone.

NHS Blood and Transplant: Missing Type

This case study describes a campaign by NHS Blood and Transplant to recruit new donors and increase donations in the UK, by reaching new audiences and sparking conversation and awareness.

Latest articles

Improving the Effectiveness and Credibility of Corporate Social-Responsibility Messaging: An Austrian Model Identifies Influential CSR Content and Communication Channels

Scholarly work over the past 15 years has demonstrated that corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives can have a positive impact on consumer behavior toward brands.

Point of view: The era of outrage advertising

This article discusses the advertising tactic of provoking outrage, and argues that advertisers should not 'poke the bear'.

Identifying social media's global brand promoters

This presentation identifies what makes a true brand advocate, based on the findings from a survey across 11 countries.

What makes content shareable on social media

This event report addresses why consumers share brand and publisher content on social media, based on data and insights from Shareablee.

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