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POP & in-store

Key reading


How great point of purchase can turn shoppers into buyers

This article argues that, as ad media channels fragment, retail point-of-sale is arguably the universal meeting point in which the crucial act of relating with the brand, switching from interest into involvement and, ultimately, buying takes place. It uses an example from Carrefour, the retailer.
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Eye-tracking insights for enhancing shopper marketing

This article discusses shopper marketing and reveals patterns in findings from eye-tracking research.

The evolving future of checkout

Some of the factors that are driving shoppers' interactions with checkout zones, a crucial area for brands.

iBeacon – New ways to connect with shoppers

This new tech offers customers an end-to-end in-store experience, solely through an app on their phone.

Latest case studies

Lick Frozen Yogurt: Launching the UK's favourite frozen yogurt

This case study describes how Lick Frozen Yogurt focused upon its packaging design to successfully launch the brand into the mainstream retail market in the UK.

Heineken UK: Our shout

This case study shows how Heineken UK, the beer brand, undertook a B2B campaign to increase the distribution of Heineken brands nationwide, and to remove competitor brands from the bar to gain competitive advantage.

Decoding Impulse: How an innovative approach to in-store research revolutionised Revlon's understanding of cosmetics shoppers

This case study describes how Revlon, the cosmetics company, used an innovative approach to revolutionise its understanding of the UK cosmetics shopper.

Mothercare: My Local Mothercare

This case study describes how retailer Mothercare's My Local Mothercare campaign built upon the data it had previously collected to build more meaningful face-to-face relationships with its UK customers.

Latest articles

The new technology in shopper marketing

This article discusses the various marketing techniques, including Augmented Reality and Facial Recognition, that can be used to investigate and influence in-store purchase decisions.

Design the retail experience

This article argues that design is key for retailers, and that designers should focus on invoking empathy and stimulating shoppers' senses.

Refine packaging design through neuroscience

This article shares findings from neuroscience research into the role of packaging in shaping consumer perception and triggering purchase, using an example from Tesco, the UK supermarket chain.

Bridging the divide between brand and shopper marketing

This article explains four changes to shopper marketing research that will make marketing more effective by integrating brand and shopper marketing.

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