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Key reading

Always #LikeAGirl

Achieving 'valuable virality': Five steps to social video success

This article outlines practical guidance for brands to make their online videos 'go viral'. Advice includes making the brand central to the video execution. Examples of this discussed in the article include 'Like a Girl', an online video-supported campaign for Always.
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Measure video meaningfully

The importance of measuring video viewability accurately, and how measurement might be improved.

Livestreaming apps – the value of Periscope and Meerkat for brands

How brands are using livestreaming apps, such as Periscope and Meerkat, to engage with consumers.

The growth of vertical video

Why video content is increasingly designed to be viewed in portrait rather than landscape form.

Maximizing the online video viewer experience

An AOL study on how to optimize online video, examining the differences between long and short form.

Latest case studies

Making Pepsi Max the choice of a new generation once again

This case study looks at the soft-drink Pepsi Max's campaign in the UK to regain relevance among a millennial audience by putting a YouTube channel at the heart of their strategy.

Spies Travels: Do it for Denmark and Do it for Mom

This case study describes how Spies Travels, a traditional 60-year-old travel agency from Denmark, safeguarded its future with a provocative content campaign.

Cronulla Sharks: Feeding time

This case study shows how the Cronulla Sharks Football Club used original video content to turn negative sentiment into pro-active support from fans and the media.

Quatro Patinhas NGO and Purina: Priceless pets

This case study details a campaign from the Brazilian NGO Quatro Patinhas in partnership with pet food brand Purina, to encourage the public to adopt rather than buy new, through an emotional video and location campaign to show prospective owners participating shops.

Latest articles

Adstats: Online video

This short article considers the most recent statistics and forecasts for online video, a form of advertising seeing $10.9bn spent in 2015 across six markets.

How to develop an effective YouTube content strategy

This article provides best practices for developing a content strategy on the most visited online video platform in the world, allowing brands to engage a different culture from the mainstream and find a place in the 'everything channel'.

Best practices for social video

This webinar presents key trends that are driving the success of video, how brands are using social video to enhance their social strategies, and the value of investing in new platforms like Facebook Live.

How video can drive mobile revenue - and how to stop consumers tuning out

This event report uses examples from Dogan TV, a Turkish broadcaster, and, an outstream video specialist, to explain how marketers can use social and online video more effectively.

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