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Key reading

planning for mobile

Planning for better mobile campaigns

This article sets out the key issues in planning for mobile, and provides guidance for incorporating mobile into integrated communications plans. It argues that, to make the most of this channel, planners need to understand how mobile devices are used, including different patterns and contexts – they aren't just used 'on the go'.
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iBeacon – New ways to connect with shoppers

How brands use 'beacons' to send out signals from stores, distributing coupons or targeted ads.

Making marketing work harder with mobile

The MMA on the impact of mobile compared to other channels, with a focus on brand metrics.

Mobile apps are the future of media

Why an ecosystem of 50 apps could become the dominant gateway to media consumption – and planning.

MMA Smarties Awards

These awards are presented to campaigns that use innovation and creativity in mobile marketing.

Latest case studies

Emirates NBD: An Uber Ramadan

This case study shows how Emirates NBD, a financial services brand, partnered with Uber to deliver customer benefits during Ramadan and increase brand awareness and equity in UAE.

GORE-TEX: Brand Investment Case

This case study shows how Gore-Tex, a textile ingredient brand, increased brand awareness in Germany by developing a brand-owned content platform.

Renault Kadjar: Renault's Innovative Use of a Mobile Device: Headphones targeted messaging

This case study explains how car manufacturer Renault used headphones to launch a new SUV, the Kadjar, through mobile phones in Turkey.

Brooke Bond Red Label: 6 Pack Brand

This case study shows how Brooke Bond Red Label (BBRL) Tea, a tea brand, increased awareness by highlighting the social issue of discrimination against India's transgender community.

Latest articles

State of the Industry: Mobile Marketing in Turkey

This report summarises the Turkish responses to Warc's EMEA mobile marketing survey, conducted on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association to assess how advertisers and agencies are using, and planning to use, mobile in their marketing.

Toolkit 2017: Six major marketing trends for the year ahead - Executive summary

This article summarises Warc's Toolkit 2017, a guide to six key challenges for brands in the coming year.

Using native video to engage the ‘uninterruptible’ Generation Z

This event report details research from Sharethrough, a native advertising software provider, on the use of native video to reach Generation Z via mobile.

Chat bots & customer experience: What brands need to know

The article explains how brands can design effective chat bots that prioritise customer experience while collecting relevant consumer data.

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