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Key reading

planning for mobile

Planning for better mobile campaigns

This article sets out the key issues in planning for mobile, and provides guidance for incorporating mobile into integrated communications plans. It argues that, to make the most of this channel, planners need to understand how mobile devices are used, including different patterns and contexts – they aren't just used 'on the go'.
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iBeacon - New ways to connect with shoppers

How brands use 'beacons' to send out signals from stores, distributing coupons or targeted ads.

Making marketing work harder with mobile

The MMA on the impact of mobile compared to other channels, with a focus on brand metrics.

Mobile apps are the future of media

Why an ecosystem of 50 apps could become the dominant gateway to media consumption - and planning.

MMA Smarties Awards

These awards are presented to campaigns that use innovation and creativity in mobile marketing.

Latest case studies

Great Northern Brewing Co.: Australia's first 'closed loop' mobile sampling platform

This case study describes how Great Northern Brewing Co., a beer from Australia's biggest brewing company, created Australia's first 'closed-loop' mobile sampling platform to launch its new lager brand and acquire unprecedented consumer data.

Ural Music Night: Listen to me

This case study describes how Ural Music Night, a new music festival in Ekaterinberg, Russia, created an app using old Soviet technology to speak to each of the different festival audiences.

American Express: American Express purchase insurance

This case study describes how American Express, a credit card brand in Estonia, used a mobile ad platform to demonstrate to potential customers how American Express could protect their goods.

Omron: Donate your voice to help someone see

This case study describes how Omron, a market-leader in home healthcare in India, launched a corporate social responsibility campaign to encourage people to donate time to help the blind and improve Omron's brand affinity.

Latest articles

YouTube and TV Everywhere: What brands need to consider in MENA

This event report describes how brands can most effectively use YouTube in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

UK trends in wearable technology

As the wearable technology category gathers pace, digital research specialist Clicked uses findings from its biannual tracker to identify the trends and opportunities for brands in the category.

Virtual Reality: Are you experienced?

This event report considers virtual reality technology and how it can offer marketers and brands new ways to reach consumers.

How Singapore uses search for financial products

This piece explores the mobile and desktop search behaviours of Singaporeans when purchasing financial products.

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