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Key reading

Warhol Absolut

Creating outstanding customer experiences: The 4S's of experience marketing

This article argues that brands need to change in order to offer great experiences. By reorganising around the 4S Marketers model to integrate the roles of Scientists, Strategists, Storybuilders and Socialisers. It includes a mini case study from Pernod Ricard.
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How to do effective experiential marketing

From sampling to stunts, a best practice guide to creating vivid consumer experiences.

IPA research on experiential marketing

Analysis of IPA Awards shows experiential has a fragmented identity, with a lack of industry benchmarks.

The case for live experiences

Why brand experience is important in building loyalty – and how it's different from traditional messaging.

Smirnoff redefines the idea of engagement

This report discusses how the vodka brand engages millennials with experiential and digital touchpoints.

Latest case studies

Cadburys: Combining science and art to maximise effectiveness

This case study describes how Cadbury Dairy Milk, Ireland's most loved chocolate brand, used an integrated campaign to overcome stagnant sales in an overcrowded market category.

ALDI Australia: On for the Retail Brave: Converting the Haters

This case study describes how ALDI, the discount supermarket, brought its brand into the mainstream by broadcasting the views of sceptics in return for tasting and lie detector tests.

EXIT-Deutschland: Nazis against Nazis - Germany's most involuntary charity walk

This case study demonstrates how ZDK Gesellschaft Demokratische Kultur, an anti-Nazi charity, utilised digital and social media to spread the news about the campaign and drum up donations to the cause.

McDonald's Hong Kong: A Surprise in Disguise

This case study shows how McDonald's, a fast food chain, partnered with a celebrity chef to created a pop-up restaurant and increase the Quarter Pounder Burger consumption in Hong Kong.

Latest articles

Virgin Holidays: Virtual holidays

This case study details how Virgin Holidays leveraged virtual reality technology in the UK to foment excitement in the cold months of winter, when people plan their holidays and go to travel stores to validate their choices.

What we know about Stunt Marketing

This article provides guidance and reading on the tactic of stunt marketing - a form of experiential marketing that aims to generate buzz and boost engagement.

Marketing a moment won't create a lasting impression

This article suggests that in order to turn consumers into vocal advocates, brands need to enable moments, rather than trying to become 'the moment', allowing consumers to create their own stories.

A priceless strategy for growth - and why MasterCard is no longer 'the best way to pay'

This event report considers how financial services brand MasterCard is repositioning itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a simple payments brand.

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