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Key reading

Tortoise and the hare

The power of physical post: Why email is fast but letter is better

This article looks into the continuing power of physical post over digital communications in direct mail. Response rates to letters are typically 30 times better than email and despite its additional cost, letters still account for over a third of total direct marketing expenditure.
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The private life of mail

Research undertaken by Royal Mail, the national postal provider, to understand the impact of direct mail.

Building meaningful relationships in the age of Big Data

This paper discusses the importance of giving consumers control and respecting their privacy.

DMA International ECHO Awards

These awards are given to direct marketing campaigns that have the power to change business.

Latest case studies

Junior Ticket: Chestnuts

This case study demonstrates how Edenred, a company that provides prepaid corporate services, promoted its Ticket Junior product in the Czech Republic.

JC Deacaux: Unpaid bills

This case study shows how JC Decaux, the outdoor advertising company, focused upon the digital evolution of its products to generate business leads and stay ahead of its main competitor in Belgium.

Vauxhall: Listening to Leads

This case study demonstrates how Vauxhall, the car manufacturer, used a data-led strategy to better target prospects and increase conversion.

Lloyds Commercial Banking: Can you tick it?

This case study describes how Lloyds Commercial Banking launched a campaign based upon service in order to make UK small to medium-sized business (SME) prospects switch bank.

Latest articles

The Private Life of Mail: Mail in the home, heart and head

This research demonstrates how UK consumers interact with mail as it flows throughout the average household and provides advice for brands to make the most of this channel.

Fujitsu says B2B marketing doesn't have to be boring

This event report explains how Fujitsu, the technology company, is using a range of measures to build its brand reputation and increase sales in a challenging UK B2B market.

How to use inserts for customer acquisition

This article explains how to use inserts in customer acquisition.

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