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Key reading

Tortoise and the hare

The power of physical post: Why email is fast but letter is better

This article looks into the continuing power of physical post over digital communications in direct mail. Response rates to letters are typically 30 times better than email and despite its additional cost, letters still account for over a third of total direct marketing expenditure.
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The private life of mail

Research undertaken by Royal Mail, the national postal provider, to understand the impact of direct mail.

Building meaningful relationships in the age of Big Data

This paper discusses the importance of giving consumers control and respecting their privacy.

DMA International ECHO Awards

These awards are given to direct marketing campaigns that have the power to change business.

Latest case studies

what3words: Letters without an address sent to postmasters

This case study details how What3words, a geocoding system for the simple communication of location, targeted developing countries in Africa without reliable addressing systems.

Mothercare: How emailing receipts transformed a business

This case study explores how Mothercare, the specialist retailer, used email receipts to collect customer data and increase store visits and purchases in the UK.

Renault: A map of all the places this car will take you

This case study describes how Renault, the car maker, launched a new 4x4 model into a highly competitive market in the UK using a targeted CRM programme.

Tim Horton: Tims next door

This case study describes how Tim Horton's, the Canadian QSR and coffee shop, showed that it was part of the fabric of Canadian life by moving into a regular house in the suburbs for a 6-hour experiential campaign.

Latest articles

The Private Life of Mail: Mail in the home, heart and head

This research demonstrates how UK consumers interact with mail as it flows throughout the average household and provides advice for brands to make the most of this channel.

How Zizzi used an online board game to boost its email marketing

This event report describes how Zizzi, the UK restaurant chain, enhanced its email marketing by including an online board game in communications, boosting engagement.

Fujitsu says B2B marketing doesn't have to be boring

This event report explains how Fujitsu, the technology company, is using a range of measures to build its brand reputation and increase sales in a challenging UK B2B market.

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