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Key reading

Digital age

How to build long-term brand success in the digital age

Les Binet and Peter Field at how the use of digital channels of various kinds should be assessed. This paper builds on their previous IPA report, which found that emotional priming builds more profitable long-term effects and rational messaging is best for generating short-term sales.

How to maximise ROI in digital marketing

This paper provides a best practice guide to boosting the return on investment of digital marketing.

Planning for digital media

What is digital media planning and how can marketers develop a successful digital campaign?
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A field guide to digital metrics

Stephen Rappaport's lessons learned from 197 digital metrics, 150 studies and 12 essays.

Warc adspend database: Digital

This tool allows you to build your own adspend datasets for individual channels, including digital media.

Latest case studies

Yahoo!: Subconscious storytelling - ‘Unlocking the value of branded content and sponsorship’

This article explains how Yahoo!, the internet company, used implicit response testing alongside surveys and focus groups to assess the impact of online sponsorship on an emotional level.

Guardian: Audiences not platforms

This article describes how the Guardian, the UK newspaper group, developed a cross-media planning tool to encourage advertisers to use a broader range of its platforms.


In a crowded marketplace, WaterAid stands out with its immediate and practical solution to poverty.

Avoiding common pitfalls: How to connect with Indian audiences online

This article offers practical tips for brands looking to expand their digital offerings in India, and tips on overcoming the main challenges of language and connectivity in the country.

Latest articles

Targeting doesn't interest Mars marketing chief

This event report details how Mars, the food group, is attempting to reach consumers with impactful marketing messages.

Game on: the potential of gaming as an advertising medium

This article discusses findings to the question of what makes gaming so engaging, and does it hold potential as an advertising medium.

Television vs digital: the battle for children's (and mums') attention

This event report looks at the changing viewing habits of children as digital devices become commonly used among even the youngest age groups.

Original digital video consumer study

This report details a study by the IAB and GfK to track consumer attitudes, awareness and usage of Original Digital Video (ODV), defined as original, professionally produced digital video content.

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