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Key reading

Yahoo promoted content

The ultimate guide to branded content

This report offers guidance on creating an effective branded content strategy, including an in-depth example from Yahoo. It includes tips on developing original content, managing freelancers and measuring effectiveness.

How content marketing works

The importance of using creativity, community and integration for native advertising and sponsored content.
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Red Bull Media House transforms content marketing

An example of a brand using content to increase value, with activities ranging from sports to music.

The future of native advertising

This paper argues that native advertising is particularly well suited to mobile platforms and branded apps.

Content and native advertising: Pros and cons

Among the content issues discussed in this paper are the need for transparency, quality and a great team.

Latest case studies

Uncle Ben's: Ben's Beginners

This case study explores how Uncle Ben's, the food brand, crafted the Ben's Beginners campaign in the UK with the specific aim of making parents more likely to cook with their children.

Australian Institute of Management (AIM): Inspiring Australians to realise their power

This case study shows how the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) increased its revenues with a small marketing budget by getting more Australians to take AIM courses and more organisations to outsource learning and development to AIM.

Erste Corporate Banking

This case study describes how Erste Corporate Banking (ECB) was launched as a new sub-brand to Ceska Sporitelna, the largest retail bank in the Czech market, with a long term content strategy.

ExxonMobil: Be An Engineer

This case study describes how ExxonMobil, a multinational gas and oil corporation, launched a communications campaign in the US to promote engineering as a degree and career choice.

Latest articles

The power of storytelling: how Philips rebranded as a health business

This event report looks at how Philips, the electronics company, has gone about repositioning as a healthcare business.

From tech savvy to content savvy: How tech brands can become the go-to content resource for consumers

This article uses consumer research in the UK to demonstrate how tech brands can use content marketing to reduce customer churn, improve brand perception and build trust.

B2B content marketing: Vodafone conveys business expertise

This article explains how Vodafone, the telecommunications company, used a content marketing strategy in the UK to change its brand positioning with business customers.

Focusing on customers and little bricks: How LEGO manages content marketing

This event report looks at LEGO’s approach to content marketing and how the toy brick has successfully involved consumers in building the brand.

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