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Customer acquisition

Key reading


A practitioner's guide to customer acquisition

This detailed guide offers the building blocks for setting up KPIs and how they drive profitability. It also includes an overview of each of the major channels available, and practical guidance on how to use them individually and collectively to deliver success.

Growing by growing distribution

Byron Sharp and Kate Waters argue that advertising is a weak force compared to personal recommendations.

Acquisition is the only reliable route to growth

Les Binet and Peter Field on loyalty – and why aiming to gain new customers is more effective.

The business benefits of customer management

A new model of customer management and good practice in customer acquisition, penetration and retention.

Breaking the habit code

TNS research offering a psychological perspective on how marketers can change consumer habits.

Latest case studies

Kuoni: A sand expert from Minnesota helps you pick a Mauritius or Seychelles holiday

This case study details how Kuoni, a luxury holidays company, promoted Indian Ocean holidays through photo editorials focusing on how sand differentiated the various destinations.

The Times: Your Times Membership has been backdated to 1 January 1785

This case study details how The Times, a national British newspaper, increased retention of subscriptions through targeted direct mail.

Virgin Media: A phone that we can't name has 12 flavour settings and can walk your dog

This case study shows how Virgin Media, a mobile operator in the UK, created #phonerumour to talk about a new iPhone launch before anyone else did and amplify the Virgin name.

TD Bank: Official Partner of Big Dreams

This case study describes how TD Bank, a Canadian bank, increased its consideration amongst small business owners by demonstrating commitment to them.

Latest articles

Direct Mail: Email is fast but letter is better

This article looks into the continuing power of physical post over digital communications in direct mail.

Marketing financial services: Leverage data to upsell financial products

This article considers how financial services brands can use a smart, purpose-built management system to build on their assets and strengths in order to see off fintech challengers and help discerning customers.

Ecover's makeover

Ecover, an eco-friendly detergent brand launched over 30 years ago, found that by 2011 the UK market had changed considerably with an increasing number of competitors, including P&G and Unilever entering the 'green' space.

Jeyes Bloo Acticlean: A fresh Bloo challenge

Jeyes Bloo, the toilet cleaner and disinfectant range, relaunched its Bloo Acticlean in-cistern product in the UK.

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