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Brand launches

Key reading

Brand launch

Launching a brand

Best Practice paper arguing that, because brand launches can be expensive and risky, brand managers need to undertake careful research and execute a strategic launch plan in order to be successful. The paper includes discussion of the three-step stairway to a successful brand launch.
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How success stories from the past can inspire future innovation

This review of product launches investigates the key underlying factors for product innovation success.

The value of advertising a launch

Why the quality of launch advertising can affect the development of both brand awareness and trial.

Patterns of success and failure

This study examines the performance of successful and failing new brand extensions.

What we know about building brands 

This article provides marketers with guidance on building brands, including a section on launches.

Latest case studies

AMF Fastigheter: Urban Escape - the Rooftop experience

This case study describes how the property company AMF Fastigheter in Stockholm attracted tenants for the 62 000 m2 Urban Escape offices and justified some of the city's highest fees with the help of a pair of virtual reality goggles and a free app.

Orchard Thieves: Thieving the Spotlight

This case study describes how great consumer insight and game changing marketing executions have helped newly created Orchard Thieves cider, a Heineken Ireland brand, disrupt the category and market to create success.

Samsung Electronics Australia: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: A data love story

This case study details a campaign from Korean tech giant Samsung that launched its new Galaxy Tab in Australia using big data to identify trends in the category, and small real time data to target the message, increasing share of the premium segment by 10 percentage points.

Arby's Flaunts New Brown Sugar Bacon with Launch of Vegetarian Support Program

This case study describes how Arby's, a US bacon brand, introduced a new bacon product, increased sales, spurred consumer engagement and generated media coverage by targeting the brand's anti-audience - vegetarians.

Latest articles

Exploring the past behaviour of new brand buyers

This research examines the retrospective buying behaviour of customers acquired by a new brand, both at category and brand level.

ARCCOS Golf app: How to launch a sports app

This article describes the strategy behind the launch of the Arccos golf app, which helps golfers improve their game by offering stat tracking and analytics that inform their on-course decision making.

1843: How digital insights helped launch a print-media brand

This event report shows how 1843, a style and culture magazine published by The Economist Group, used digital insights to build its strategy both offline and online.

How Do Teaser Advertisements Boost Word of Mouth about New Products? For Consumers, the Future Is More Exciting than the Present

Future-framed marketing is highly effective in generating positive product-related word of mouth (WOM) for new products.

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