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Key reading

Brand love

Best Practice: How to use brand models

This Best Practice paper analyses what brand models are for, examines different types of brand models, and provides a checklist of how to use them in practice. Models discussed include Brand Pyramid, Brand Onion, Brand Bull's Eye, Brand Maps and Brand Key.
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Making the case for investment in brand

A step-by-step guide to current approaches of valuing brands, with advice on valuation principles.

Grow brand value

Why strong branding and good advertising are lead drivers of brand value.

Stephen King's 'What is a brand?'

This classic text looks at the history of brands and key factors in a brand's success.

Brands' emotional connection

Measuring consumers' emotional links with brands – and the value of these relationships.

Latest articles

Forum: Comparing association grids and 'pick any' lists for measuring brand attributes

Using a split-ballot experiment with 940 respondents, this study compares the quality of data from an association grid with data gathered through a single ‘pick any’ list repeated for each brand on a new page in a web survey.

What we know about Masterbrand Strategies

This article explores the current writing and thinking on the subject of masterbrands and the strategies that propell them: a dominant, overarching frame in which various products, services, and brands, operate.

Zalando: The Journey From Data to Emotion: How qualitative research helped a big data company change both its advertising and branding approach

This paper examines how Zalando, a European fashion e-commerce company, used qualitative research to investigate and improve its likeability in Nordic countries.

NatWest: Brand contribution

This paper describes how UK bank NatWest integrated a diverse range of data sources into a multi-faceted modelling framework called the Brand Contribution Programme to lay the foundations for a new approach to the bank's marketing investment.

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