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Key reading

Madison Ave

What we know about managing agencies

This guide summarises key arguments around the topic of taking on, managing and measuring advertising agencies, offering marketers practical advice from experts, with links to other papers on the topic. It offers key reading from the beginning to the end of the process, from finding an agency to evaluating its performance.

How to assess client-agency relationships effectively

Best Practice guidance and tips based on an analysis of over 8,000 client-agency relationships.

Agency remuneration

Best Practice paper on ways to remunerate agencies beyond traditional models of agency compensation.
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Inside the in-house agency trend

Why companies are moving strategy, creative and digital to in-house agencies

Agency management: Who manages who?

Advice and insights for clients on to manage their advertising agencies more effectively.

Latest articles

Australia's ad industry grapples with transparency challenges

The article explores how the Australian advertising industry is tackling ongoing challenges around transparency.

ANA confronts Brand Masters with rebates

This event report outlines how brands, publishers and agencies are responding to the problem of media rebates - and what steps still need to be taken.

Investigating market research ethics: an empirical study of codes of ethics in practice and their effect on ethical behaviour

In academic and practitioner literature, codes of ethics are generally understood to act as a mechanism guiding and ensuring ethical behaviour.

Back to the future: Looking back at a time when some ad men weren't sad men

This article opens up the theme of this new Back to the Future column, looking at how the past is relevant to today.

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