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Key reading

budget setting

What we know about setting the marketing budget

This guide summarises the key arguments on Warc around budgeting, offering marketers practical advice from industry experts. It covers topics including the budgeting process, ways of using data modelling, budgeting in a multi-channel world and when budgets have to be cut.
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How much should I spend on advertising?

Andrew Green on why this most important of questions for marketers lacks a simple solution.

Taking the guesswork out of budgeting

This article explains how risk assessment techniques can be applied to market budgeting.

How to set an effective media budget

The relationship between SOV and SOM as the most important factor determining budgets.

Four strategic frameworks for budget cutting

Practical tips for cutting budgets – a process that should be careful and rational, not emotional.

Latest articles

Global Marketing Index, June 2016: Global Marketing Budgets Grow For 40th Successive Month But Long Term Trend Remains Negative

This article summarises the results of the Global Marketing Index (GMI) for June 2016, when global marketing budgets grew for the 40th successive month.

The State of The Industry: Mobile Marketing in EMEA

This report summarises the findings of Warc's latest mobile marketing survey, conducted across EMEA on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association, to assess how advertisers and agencies are using, and planning to use, mobile in their marketing activities.

Global Marketing Index, May 2016: Global Marketing Activity Grows Steadily in May

This article summarises the results of the Global Marketing Index (GMI) for May 2016, when global marketing activity grew steadily at the same rate as the previous month.

Global Marketing Index, April 2016: Global Marketing Activity Grows Rapidly in April

This article summarises the results of April's Global Marketing Index (GMI).

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