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Key reading


The Innovation Casebook: Lessons for marketers on creating innnovative campaigns

This report analyses trends from the winners of the Warc Prize for Innovation, with insights on 'altruistic' and data-driven innovation, the power of products and engaging millennial audiences. Supporting case studies include Vodafone, Rip Curl and Slurpee.
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How to innovate effectively

Best Practice paper advising companies to analyse closely the basis of and barriers to innovation.

How to extend a brand

Best practices for brand extension, including understanding the brand and setting new visions.

Brands and innovation

Jean-Noël Kapferer on the importance of innovation – and what to do after an innovation is developed.

Discovering new product opportunities via social media

A standardised method for using social media listening to generate ideas for new product development.

Latest articles

Consumer co-creation: an opportunity to humanise the new product development process

Based on findings from four in-depth case studies within global brand manufacturers in the fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) industry, this paper develops a framework for understanding the organisational processes that support consumer co-creation within new product development (NPD).

What we know about marketing on WeChat

This article explores the reading and thinking surrounding the popular Chinese app WeChat, a messaging platform that has succeeded in expanding its capabilities to 'conversational commerce;' while it is a hit in China, consumers in other parts of the world remain concerned about privacy.

How food brands can ensure their products launch successfully

This article looks at what brands in the FMCG sector can do to ensure that new products are launched successfully, ensuring the right basis for future innovation.

Five tips to design grocery packaging that appeals on the supermarket shelf

This article looks at the challenges faced by grocery brands as the UK supermarket giants move to emulate the discounters by reducing how many products they stock.

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