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Key reading

Ben Essen

Abandoning certainty will unlock the creative qualities of big data

Ben Essen's Admap Prize-winning essay argues that marketers should use data to disrupt to the creative process, rather than to provide evidence and certainty. Embracing the data that make us uncomfortable, he adds, will help us ask the questions that unlock true creative innovation.
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Five ways marketers should use digital big data to their advantage

Gian Fulgoni of comScore discusses the impact of big data, and its opportunities and perils.

When marketing met Big Data

How data can both transform how the consumer touches the brand and the application of online advertising.

Mythbuster: The obsession with 'granular' data

Les Binet and Sarah Carter on the dangers of using data that shows only short-term fluctuations.

Big Data, not Magic Data

Mark Earls and Alex Bentley argue that asking intelligent questions is key to tapping the value of Big Data.

Latest case studies

Churchill Lollipoppers

This case study describes how Churchill, a UK insurance company, found a point of difference by launching a campaign to help increase safety of children going to school.

Emirates NBD: An Uber Ramadan

This case study shows how Emirates NBD, a financial services brand, partnered with Uber to deliver customer benefits during Ramadan and increase brand awareness and equity in UAE.

Domino's Pizza UK: Serving up excitement with Domino's and Hollyoaks

This case study shows how Domino's, a pizza delivery service brand, unlocked an untapped consumer group by sponsoring a popular soap opera in the UK.

Samsung: Winning Social Gold at the Olympics

This case study shows how Samsung, a technology brand, created a reactive content campaign to deliver high quality information around its Olympics sponsorship.

Latest articles

Big Data and Research Data: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

This paper explores how Sky UK, the satellite TV company, undertook in-depth customer research in the UK and modelled it against third-party big data to find out which groups would respond to different communications, broadening the purchase funnel for subscriptions.

Why single-source data must be aggregated to truly measure marketing effectiveness

This article looks at how individual-level data can be aggregated to account for offline activity to help marketers measure the ROI of online touchpoints.

The broad church of innovation: Stereotypes, privacy and emoji

This event report details a variety of innovations in communications, with UK examples from advertisers including Google, Domino's Pizza and Barclays.

Chat bots & customer experience: What brands need to know

The article explains how brands can design effective chat bots that prioritise customer experience while collecting relevant consumer data.

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