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Key reading

Crafting brands

How Unilever builds brands

This event report outlines Unilever's brand-building strategy, with a particular emphasis on how it has been applied to engaging male shoppers. The FMCG has group formalized its approach to brand-building with the "Crafting Brands For Life" model, which was then used in campaigns for Unilever brands including Axe and Dove.
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Multicultural Beauty: benefiting from diversity

How beauty brands are driving growth by segmenting offerings on the basis of ethnic and cultural needs.

Cosmetics and toiletries adspend

Warc data on the toiletries category, which accounts for over $21.9bn in adspend globally each year.

How men shop for personal grooming products

A summary of GFK research finding that men are becoming increasingly engaged with the category.

Toiletries & Cosmetics company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

How L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect transformed its fortunes by showing older women that they are still 'worth it'

This case study shows how L'Oréal, a personal care brand, increased sales and brand awareness in the UK by using a brand ambassador to engage an undervalued consumer group.

Sensodyne: Solving Problems, Not Selling Benefits

This case study shows how Sensodyne, a toothpaste brand, increased sales and maintained market leadership with a 10 year campaign in the UK to raise awareness about tooth sensitivity.

WaterWipes: How proving ineffectiveness was hugely effective

This case study describes how Water Wipes, a baby wipe brand, used a simple, stripped back campaign to explain that its products are chemical free and appeal to new mums in the UK and Ireland.

Clearasil: Let's Be Clear

This case study describes how Clearasil, the acne specialist skin care brand, increased its relevance among teens in the US to raise sales.

Latest articles

Project Pandora: Oral hygiene and toothpaste consumption in emerging markets

This paper sets out a research project for Unilever, the FMCG manufacturer, to deliver an understanding of how toothpaste is consumed amongst lower-income groups in Nigeria, Ethiopia, India and the Philippines.

Lux: Which imagery smells the sweetest?

This paper describes how soap brand Lux relaunched its brand proposition in India.

Using Greimas' semiotics in ethnic consumer research

With a rapidly growing number of consumers experiencing migration around the world, the need for new research methodologies to understand ethnic consumption becomes more pressing for managers operating in global markets.

Comparing approaches to elicit brand attributes both face-to-face and online

Brand attributes play an important role in tracking customer-based brand equity.

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