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Key reading

Mobile handsets

Why mobile loyalty is all about the OS

This article examines loyalty in mobile phones, looking at how handset, operating system and network each command different, yet overlapping, types of loyalty. It finds that most customers are open to switching handset brands, though this can be tempered by a good retail experience.
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T-Mobile transforms its brand – and revolutionises an industry

Why becoming the "Uncarrier" helped to transform T-Mobile's brand reputation in the US.

AT&T's marketing mix modelling

The carrier's ROI study on its TV campaigns, showing the benefits of marketing-mix modelling.

Unveiling the smartphone buyer's journey

This article offers a solution for understanding online shopper journeys across digital touchpoints.

Inspiring action at O2

How the telecoms company developed a system for improving customer experiences.

Latest case studies

Xperia: Launching the world's first underwater store

This case study shows how Sony, the technology company, created the world's first underwater store to market the Xperia Z3, the world's first fully waterproof phone.

Deutsche Telekom: Travel & Surf

This case study explains how Deutsche Telekom, the German telecoms provider, used a mockumentary to convince its European customers to purchase its 'Travel & Surf' roaming package for online browsing abroad.

Telefonica: How O2 found its inner dog

This case study illustrates how O2, a communication services company in the UK, managed to instil a new brand image through a multi-faceted company culture campaign that increased its sales and brand awareness.

Motorola Mobility India: Re-creating history the Moto way, #NamasteMoto

This case study describes how Motorola re-entered the Indian market after a two-year break by launching the first Motorola smartphone, the Moto G (Gen 1) in the country, and how it won back customer trust in a cluttered smartphone market.

Latest articles

How O2 and Evian leverage their sports sponsorships

This event report looks at how two different brands, O2 and Evian, leveraged their sports sponsorships during 2015.

Swapping econometrics for test-and-learn: Vodafone’s new media strategy

This event report discusses how Vodafone, the telecoms provider, uses pharma-style controlled tests, rather than econometrics, to tweak its ad media usage during campaigns.

B2B content marketing: Vodafone conveys business expertise

This article explains how Vodafone, the telecommunications company, used a content marketing strategy in the UK to change its brand positioning with business customers.

Why don't big firms see disaster coming?

This article asks why big firms don't see problems coming when continuous monitoring of consumer opinion is readily available via a range of research techniques.

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