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Key reading


Coca-Cola's real-time intelligence: Becoming the champions on engagement

This paper explains how Coca-Cola developed a platform to consolidate data from multiple sources in real-time. This platform was used to inform its marketing communications and decisions leading up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, of which the brand was one of the major global sponsors.

Red Bull Media House transforms content marketing

Red Bull Media House's activities from Formula 1 to snowboarding, breakdancing and gaming.
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Going to the edges for inspiration

The advantage of talking to soft drinks brand lovers in order to reach the mass market.

Understanding usage and attitudes towards coffee

A global look at the increasingly-influential "Coffee Mavens", who are often first in picking up on trends.

Soft Drinks company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Coca-Cola: Remove Labels

This case study describes how Coca-Cola used the power of social media to send a message against prejudice in the Middle East.

Coca-Cola: A World of We

This case study describes how Coca-Cola created a purposeful community improvement platform as a way to win more brand love and affinity with teens and youth in the Middle East.

PepsiCo: Sting Launch

The case study describes how PepsiCo energy drink brand Sting used TV, digital and sampling tactics to launch the brand and redefine the sector in Egypt.

Milk West: Snack Time

This case study details how Milk West, a group of four provincial milk marketing boards in Western Canada, developed content that changed behaviours in the youth target.

Latest articles

How Arla engaged shoppers in a low-interest category

This event report describes how Arla, the British milk company, found growth by engaging shoppers in a category with enormous penetration, but negligible interest.

VR drives PepsiCo's Mountain DEWcision

This event report outlines how Mountain Dew, the beverage brand owned by PepsiCo, is leveraging the power of virtual reality.

The four steps tea brands must take to buck the downward trend

This article outlines four steps tea marketers can take to reverse the decline in their category that is taking place in the UK as drinking habits continue to shift away from, in particular, black tea.

Considerations for adopting technology

This article highlights six factors to take into account when considering using technology in marketing campaigns.

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