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Key reading


E-commerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences

Findings from a global Nielsen survey into grocery shopping habits. The survey suggests ways to understand how digital technology is changing the retail landscape.

Marketing retail: the omnichannel challenge

A focus on marketing retail, digitisation and the transition to omnichannel.

How one retailer mixes shopping and entertainment

Why Macy's is embracing a range of new channels and media partnerships to engage shoppers.
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Traditional retailer, new technique

How Walmart, the retail giant, is drawing on the start-up driven idea of "growth hacking".

Retail company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

How Domino's repositioned itself from pizza delivery to mealtime solution

This article examines the journey undertaken by the UK branch of pizza brand Domino's as it reacted to the rise of brands disrupting the food delivery sector by reimagining itself as a digital-first mealtime solution.

Millers: Millers and Me

This case study describes how Millers, a fashion retailer, drove awareness and engagement to increase sales in the Australian market.

Mothercare: How emailing receipts transformed a business

This case study explores how Mothercare, the specialist retailer, used email receipts to collect customer data and increase store visits and purchases in the UK.

Reitmans: Really

This case study details how Reitmans, a retailer of women's clothing, repositioned its brand to appeal to a younger target without alienating its core customers in Canada.

Latest articles

An exploration of consumers' response to online service recovery initiatives

The focus of this paper is on levels of service failure and recovery strategies in relation to UK online fashion retailers.

Macy’s insight: bridge physical and digital with mobile apps

This event report details how Macy’s, the department store chain, is using its mobile app as a tool to drive multiple forms of consumer engagement.

Five tips to design grocery packaging that appeals on the supermarket shelf

This article looks at the challenges faced by grocery brands as the UK supermarket giants move to emulate the discounters by reducing how many products they stock.

McDonalds UK: Menu optimisation

This study from McDonald's UK, the quick-service restaurant chain, seeks to understand how a menu may be rationalised to simplify consumer choice without a negative impact on sales.

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