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Key reading


Learning to play well: LEGO's eight-step comeback from near bankruptcy

How the toy manufacturer recovered from the brink of bankruptcy to become one of the world's most-loved brands. This involved placing less emphasis on licensing deals, more on the consumer, and building advocacy via high-value fans.
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The competitive landscape for leisure: why wide appeal matters

This article reports the results of an analysis of participation across a range of leisure activities in the UK.

Webinar: Leisure and entertainment in Asia

An overview of leisure in Asia, from participating in and viewing sports to bars and online entertainment.

Leisure & Entertainment company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Double Robotics: Lucy the Robot

This case study describes how the American technology company Double Robotics created a humanoid robot to showcase its expertise and break into the Australian market with a new product.

Epiphone: The Les Paul Skill Check

This case study shows how Epiphone, the American guitar brand, launched a new signature Gibson Les Paul in Germany with a Shazam challenge to engage guitar players.

The Fitness Garage: Full throttle ahead for new fitness brand

This case study explains how Fitness Garage, the Sheffield (UK) gym opened in 2014, won 'Newcomer gym of the year' and exceeded membership targets.

Adler Planetarium: Space is freaking awesome

This case study describes how the Adler Planetarium encouraged more visitors by presenting the wonders of space in a way that people found approachable.

Latest articles

Game on: the potential of gaming as an advertising medium

This article discusses findings to the question of what makes gaming so engaging, and does it hold potential as an advertising medium.

Virtual Reality: Are you experienced?

This event report considers virtual reality technology and how it can offer marketers and brands new ways to reach consumers.

7 ways to engage sports fans

This article explores ways to engage sports fans through opportunities presented by the inherent sociability, live TV, eSports, and expansion.

How brands can tap the desire for live experiences

This event report examines the ways in which brands can leverage live experiences and looks at ways to address the scarcity of live events.

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