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Key reading


Learning to play well: LEGO's eight-step comeback from near bankruptcy

How the toy manufacturer recovered from the brink of bankruptcy to become one of the world's most-loved brands. This involved placing less emphasis on licensing deals, more on the consumer, and building advocacy via high-value fans.

The competitive landscape for leisure: why wide appeal matters

This article reports the results of an analysis of participation across a range of leisure activities in the UK.

Webinar: Leisure and entertainment in Asia

An overview of leisure in Asia, from participating in and viewing sports to bars and online entertainment.

Leisure & Entertainment company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Paramanya: A million downloads in a month

This case study shows how Paramanya, a localised mobile game in Turkey, launched with a three-phase strategy to generate awareness and interactivity.

Chelsea FC: Planning plays love doctor to the rich and famous

This case study reveals how Chelsea FC, the London-based football club, used a targeted direct mail campaign engaging CEOs of potential sponsors to boost its revenues by £40m per year through signing a new long-term sponsorship partner.

Senet Group: How planning got millions of people to approach gambling more responsibly

This case study shows how, an Irish non-profit company, encouraged people to approach gambling more responsibly with a humorous campaign.

Rock In Rio: #RockInRioUSA influencer campaign

This case study describes how Rock in Rio, a rock festival with 30 years of history, launched in Las Vegas with a multi-pronged campaign across Twitter and Instagram to create awareness and to drive incremental ticket sales.

Latest articles

The future fan: Exploring the evolution of music fandom and what it means to brands and the media

This paper examines the world of fandom, its evolution, drivers and future direction, using Twitter as the baseline platform and outlining a social media usage strategy that can serve the music industry.

The science behind the magic – How Disney prepared for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This article discusses The Walt Disney Company's use of research and insights, in the context of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, predicted to be a huge hit for the corporation.

From tech savvy to content savvy: How tech brands can become the go-to content resource for consumers

This article uses consumer research in the UK to demonstrate how tech brands can use content marketing to reduce customer churn, improve brand perception and build trust.

Emojis spread Dell's back-to-school message

This event report shows how Dell, the technology group, employed emojis to support a back-to-school marketing campaign.

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