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Key reading

Dawn duckling

How Procter & Gamble research validates emotional marketing

Research from Procter & Gamble on the impact of emotional advertising went on to inform some of the company's big ad campaigns. The research showed that ads yielding an emotional response were more likely to be successful.
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Why 'Dirt is Good' for profit and people

Why a Unilever detergent brand campaign is a good example of a brand maximising profit by doing good.

Mythbuster: The relevance of 'relevance'

Les Binet and Sarah Carter discuss the importance of ad relevance, using the example of paint brand Dulux.

Kimberly-Clark's programmatic strategy

This event report discusses how household brand owner Kimberly-Clark first explored programmatic ads.

Household & Domestic company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

A real-life IKEA Pinterest room

This case study describes how IKEA, a home furniture retailer, ran a consumer competition with Pinterest to raise attention for its catalogue launch in the Netherlands.

Febreze Roadtrip

This case study shows how Febreze, the air freshener brand, successfully re-launched and repositioned its car freshener solution in the UK and Ireland by finding a more sustainable reason for purchase that would support the business in the long term.

Fairy Liquid: The longer lasting brand legend

This case study demonstrates how Fairy washing-up liquid reconnected people in Spain and the UK emotionally with the brand as well as reassured them that Fairy was worth paying more for.

Lowe's Fix in Six: A sensation in six seconds

This case study demonstrates how Lowe's, a home improvement chain in the US, developed a new utility for a burgeoning social media platform to drive engagement with millennials.

Latest articles

Makers revolutionize making! How to derive insights from subversive consumer practices

This paper examines the reasons and consequences of the Maker Movement, a trend or revival of classic DIY, by looking at its social, economic and market nature and impacts.

The new rules of marketing, according to Mars

This event report outlines how Mars, manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products, is taking a four-pronged approach to evolving its core brands to keep them relevant and overcome consumer indifference.

Brand building in the digital age: lessons from Sharp and

This event report looks at how two businesses operating in the home appliances sector have approached the task of building a brand and come to similar conclusions from different directions.

Nestlé SA (Household and domestic)

This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of Nestlé's pet care brands, including Prurina and Bakers.

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